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Premiere: Photonz 'Shifting Symbols'

Portugal’s Photonz will release his debut album via Dark Entries in October. Take a journey through subdued synths and other-worldly pads on 'Shifting Symbols' now

Photonz will release an eleven-track album via Dark Entries in October.

Announced earlier this month, the debut full-length release from the Lisbon DJ/producer, entitled ‘Nuit’, is named after the Egyptian goddess of sky, stars, and astronomy, with Photonz sharing he “was really swept away by the concept of ‘freedom of form under the night sky’, the accepting embrace of Nuit.”

Photonz, AKA Marco Rodrigues, is a key figure in the Portugese captial's underground scene, co-founding Radio Quantica and the Rabbit Hole Collective, who recently launched Mina - a series of sex-positive, queer and intersectional-feminist techno parties.

A diverse and contrasting array of productions, Photonz explores darker soundscapes on spiralling opener 'Xentra' and glitchy cut 'Doomsday Dub', before bursting into lighter territories on the keys and strings of album stand-out 'No Body'.

Another stand-out is 'Shifting Symbols' - a four-minute, off-kilter meander through subdued synth and sci-fi pads. Photonz' production leads the listener through celestial atmospherics, embodying the album's mysterious concept.

‘Nuit’ will be out on vinyl via Dark Entries on October 11th. Pre-order the LP here and listen to 'Shifting Symbols' ahead of the album's release below.