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Premiere: Renick Bell ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’

Live experimental and improvisational artist Renick Bell showcases his skills as a sound manipulator on the new Haunter Records compilation. Hear the mutated textures and sharp-edged electronics of ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’ now

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Renick Bell.jpg

Renick Bell will contribute a track to the upcoming Haunter Records compilation. 

The Milan-based label, whose release roster includes Ausschuss, Giant Swan, John T. Gast and S S S S, will release the mammoth 33-track compilation on the 4th October, and describe the project as “an attempt to let perceptions of future and past bleed together, to establish every moment as an infinite process of consumption and re-generation.”

Entitled ‘forever’, the compilation will feature tracks from Celyn June, oxhy, Helm and Ssaliva, with Haunter’s ZULI & Broshuda also collaborating on one of the more effervescent contributions, ‘Vector Cloak’.

Renick Bell’s production for the compilation, ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’, is a jagged free-fall through mutated sonics. The Tokyo-based producer, who utilisies live coding and computer improvisation in his music, leads a journey through chaotic noise and spiralling darkness on ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’, before transporting the listener back to lighter territories in its final minutes.

Listen to ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’ below and pre-order ‘forever’ here.