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Premiere: Reset Robot ‘Spiral of Silence’

Reset Robot readies his ‘Spiral of Silence’ LP Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave. Hear the towering big-room techno title track now…

Reset Robot will release his new album ‘Spiral of Silence’ via Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label on 21st June.

The Portsmouth DJ/producer returns to the label having released two EPs through it in 2018. It also marks a landmark moment for We Are The Brave itself, being the first LP to be released through the label.

The 13-track collection finds Reset Robot – real name David Robertson – swerving from lucid big-room techno and thunderous breakbeat to beatless galactic ambient cuts, with his maximal studio techniques shining through to make for a super hi-def listening experience that should work just as well on the dancefloor as it will through headphones.

“The LP links up with my new live set very nicely,” says Robertson of the album. “The tracks can be broken down easily and incorporated into my set because a lot of the drums and synths are from the Machinedrum and Sub 37. Patterns and patches have been saved along the way, so I can jump straight into my songs in a live environment.”

Below, you can hear the album’s huge title track. The penultimate track on the LP, it’s a towering peak-time cut of lush arpeggios propped up by a weighty beat.

Pre-order ‘Spiral of Silence’ here.