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Premiere: Rhys Fulber ‘12 Steppes’

Canadian EBM trailblazer Rhys Fulber will debut his second album, ‘Ostalgia’, on Adam X’s Sonic Groove label next month. Listen to the menacing drums and saturnine atmospherics of ‘12 Steppes’

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Rhys Fulber will follow last year’s ‘Your Dystopia, My Utopia’ on Berlin-based Sonic Groove with an eight-track project next month.

The Canadian electronic artist, also known as a member of electro-industrial band Front Line Assembly and one half of new age duo Delerium, continues to push boundaries on ‘Ostalgia’.

With a deep-rooted knowledge of EBM, industrial and techno, Rhys uses the new album to explore different sounds and break boundaries, with the ‘Ostalgia’ press release stating that Rhys “is not simply paying homage to his past musical escapades” and the album is comprised of “forward-looking music, not content with resting on any past ideologies.”

On ‘12 Steppes’, Rhys introduces the track through industrial noise and menacing drums, with the tenebrosity broken by carefully placed bleeps and sporadic synth-lines. The track wraps up in a chaotic conclusion as Blade Runner-esque strings build tension, before the outro fades back into crackling ambience.

'Ostalgia' is out on September the 9th via Sonic Groove. Pre-order the album here and listen to '12 Steppes' below.