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Premiere: Rude & Mean ‘Just Flow’

Rude & Mean (James Rudie and EVM128) are next up on High Praise Edits. Hear the luxurious, soulful house cut ‘Just Flow’ now…

Next up on London’s High Praise Edits is a new collaborative effort from James Rudie and EVM128 AKA Rude & Mean.

Key members of the CoOp collective, each of their broken beat takes on soulful house shines through on this EP. Syncopated beats, joyous melodies and pristine sampling make for two lush cuts that are as multi-purpose as they are multifaceted. ‘Just Flow’ appears on the B-side and is a luxurious jam with uplifting pianos an addictive vocal sample. Additional saxaphone on the track comes from XAS. Check it out below.

‘Moments in soul / Just flow’ is out on 14th December. Pre-order it here.

Photo credit:  John Paul Lee