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Premiere: San ‘Subject9’

San steps up on Rua Sound with four cuts of spectral high-def jungle. Hear the frenzied breaks and mutated samples of ‘Subject9’ now

Elusive producer San will release his new EP, ‘Subject9’, via Rua Sound on 13th November. 

With four cuts of spectral, high-definition jungle, it’s a typically fierce turn from the label, and a more than appropriate soundtrack against the encroaching winter darkness. Mutated breaks and ominous atmospheres are the order of the day here, with frosty keys giving the EP a late-night, heads-down edge. 

‘Cleanse’ and ‘Half In’ balance their febrile rhythms with eerie beatless/half-time breakdowns, while ‘What I’m Seeing’ flutters like a hornet behind a curtain. The title track is a shadowed frenzy though, stretching layers of warped samples and electronic swoops to pieces before it explodes in a flurry of rabid breaks. Check it out below.

You'll be able to buy 'Subject9' from Rua Sound's Bandcamp.