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Premiere: Sayveeyun ‘Impulse Ode’

Montreal’s Sayveeyun makes his aurawire debut with the ‘Impulse Ode’ EP. Hear the fusion of cinematic grime and harsh noise on the title track now


Montreal producer Sayveeyun will release his new EP, ‘Impulse Ode’, via aurawire on 14th February.

Following his 2018 EP, ‘Bodyguard’, and a guest-production credit on Lila Tirando a Violeta’s ‘Sentient’ album, Sayveeyun’s new three-tracker fuses elements of grime, dubstep, black metal and ambient, making for a captivating listening. His use of vocals on the album is described as being a way of melding his connections to rave music with his Tibetan heritage. 

The EP’s title track is intense and visceral, not a million miles away from what Mumdance and WIFE did with their Bliss Signal project in 2018. The repeated lyrics, “I’m better”, are a mantra of personal reassurance surrounding the producer’s experience of OCD. Wrapped in noisy electronics, roaring bass and a grime rhythm, it’s cinematic and fulfilling. Check it out below. 

You’ll be able to get ‘Impulse Ode’ through aurawire’s Bandcamp.