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Premiere: Schlachthofbronx ‘Fifth Gear’

Schlachthofbronx’s new mixtape is a 45-minute eruption of original music, spanning Miami Bass, footwork, techno and more. Hear the swirling dub mutations ‘Fifth Gear’ now

Munich’s Schlachthofbronx will release their new mixtape ‘THE RIDE’ this month. 

Set for release on 11th December, the mixtape comprises 45-minutes of original music from the duo, giving a sneak peek into the releases they have in store for the coming year, along with some exclusive cuts for the tape release. Tapping into their recognisable, soundsystem-inspired style, the mix spans Miami Bass, footwork, techno, dancehall, breaks and dub, and will be released as a limited edition cassette with design by Sebastian Kempff inspired by vintage VHS design.

Below, you can hear one of the exclusive track’s from the cassette release, ‘Fifth Cut’. With a febrile rhythm and swirling dub influences coursing through it, it’s a prime example of the duo’s distinct, addictive sound. 

You’ll be able to buy ‘THE RIDE’ from Schlachthofbronx’s Bandcamp