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Premiere: Son Zept ‘Axis Praxis’

Evoking the likes of Lee Gamble and Aphex Twin, Belfast electronic artist Son Zept readies his new album, ‘A’. Hear the frenzied breakbeat and maximal synth riffs ‘Axis Praxis’ now

Belfast artist Son Zept will release his new album, 'A', this Friday 31st January. 

Set for release on Belfast multi-disciplinary label, Resist-AV, the album swerves from distorted ambience and tape-hiss adorned accordions to full-throttle jungle breaks and techno, it's a typically diverse collection from the artist. Evoking the likes of Lee Gamble, Aphex Twin and AQXDM, 'A' is immense and rewarding, with more than enough delicacy and emotional poise to ensure it stands out. 

'Axis Praxis' is the album's frenzied centrepiece, with a haywire breakbeat propelling its maximal synth riffs and making for a killer peak time dancefloor cut. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'A' here.