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Premiere: Son Zept ‘Windowatching’

Belfast’s Son Zept dismantles and rearranges contemporary electronic styles on his second mini-album of 2020, ‘B’. Hear the fluttering breakbeats and gentle melodies of ‘Windowatching’ now

Belfast’s Son Zept will release a new mini-album, ‘B’, via Resist-AV on 28th August. 

Marking his second release of the year, the producer and live artist continues his pursuits in dismantling electronic styles, and rearranging the fragments into something fierce, vibrant and his own. 

As with January’s ‘A’, similarities to the likes of Aphex Twin and AQXDM are present, with the addition of Squarepusher’s anxious tenderness and animated bass maneuvers of AMAZONDOTCOM and AYA. 

‘Windowatching’ is gorgeous, while still packing a hefty punch. Fluttering kicks and gravelly gentle melodic layers weave around one another like a murmuration of starlings, with a gravelly bass adding plenty of extra drama. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘B’ here.