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Premiere: Stevie R & CERPINTXT ‘Red Lemon’

Stevie R & CERPINTXT step up on Chapter 24 with the ‘Madilo’ EP. ‘Red Lemon’ is a fierce, goofy belter with more bass and hand-held percussion than you knew you needed...

Stevie R & CERPINTXT will release their new collaborative EP on Chapter 24 tomorrow 21st September.

Two driving, charismatic original cuts, ‘Madilo’ and ‘Red Lemon’ make this an EP that is immediately striking and one that will result in many a stand-out moment on the dancefloor. It’s certainly already been doing so, having been given the Andrew Weatherall seal when he refered to the tracks as “a right pair of dirty shunters!"

Not only that, the EP comes with two equally dazzling remixes from the mighty Ed Davenport and Man Power, who’s proficient takes on the originals mean that there’s few cases where at least one of these tracks wouldn’t be right to play. Massive stuff.

You can listen to ‘Red Lemon’ below ahead of release tomorrow. It’s goofy, hefty and fierce and has more bass and hand-held percussion than you ever knew you needed.

Grab the EP on 12" vinyl here.