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Premiere: Sugar ‘Vapouring Sun’

Anetha launches her new label Mama told ya with a collaborative EP alongside Sugar and ABSL. Hear the fierce, high octane techno of Sugar’s ‘Vapouring Sun’ now

Paris’ breakthrough techno star Anetha has launched a new label, Mama told ya. 

The first release on the label comes in the form of a collaborative effort between fellow Parisian ABSL, Copenhagen high-speed techno export Sugar, and Anetha herself. ABSL and Sugar each offer up an original solo tracks, while Anetha teams up with them individually on two more cuts of searing techno with a melodic twist. 

Sugar – who has previously released on Fast Forward Productions and Courtesy’s Kulør – is on top form on B-side opener ‘Vapouring Sun’. Cinematic synths, engulfing kicks and an echoing atmosphere make for a track that feels tailor-made for sprawling, darkened dancefloors. Check it out below.