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Premiere: Tapefeed ‘Inveterate Liar’

Tapefeed launch their new label with a storming techno EP, ‘Revolving Door’. Hear ‘Inveterate Liar’ now

London and Berlin-based Italian duo Tapefeed will launch a new label, Inveterate, this month with their ‘Revolving Door’ EP.

The five-track EP comprises four original cuts of storming techno, bursting with distortion and syncopated, percussive rhythms. It also features a remix from Cocktail Party Effect. 

The label intends to take a firm political stance, with its title deriving from the track ‘Inveterate Liar’, which you can hear below. According to the EP’s press release, the track and label’s title “comes from the feeling that nothing ever changes, that one thief is simply replaced by another”. Other tracks on the EP, ‘Plain View’, ‘Kickback’ and ‘The Archetypes’ are intended as responses to socio-political injustices such as police power and corporate systems.

‘Revolving Door’ will be released this Friday 18th June. You can pre-order it via Inveterate’s Bandcamp