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Premiere: Type-303 ‘Acid Earth’

Finnish producer Type-303 steps up on Timothy Clerkin’s Insult to Injury imprint with ‘The New Ravelution’. ‘Acid Earth’ is, as you’d expect, a massive acid banger…

Finnish producer Type-303 will release his new EP, ‘The New Ravelution’ on Timothy Clerkin’s Ransom Note sub-label Insult To Injury tomorrow 26th October.

The EP, as you might expect from the his artist name, is an acid extravaganza seeped in retrospective (but not overly nostalgic) rave stabs, breaks and razor sharp melodies.

Described as “four hardcore workouts that hark back to the glory days of warehouse gatherings”, there’s a gritty, loose and even a bit cinematic at points.

Track three, ‘‘Acid Earth’, is… Well it’s a big massive acid banger isn’t it. Listen below.

Get your copy of ‘The New Ravelution’ here