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Premiere: Will Saul ‘Start Again’

Aus Music boss Will Saul returns with his third solo EP of the year, 'Arps & Early Starts'. ‘Start Again’ is a beam of arpeggios and melodic light in an otherwise deep and atmospheric release…

Will Saul will release his third EP of 2018 on 26th October. ‘Arps & Early Starts’ follows ‘Bugs’ and ‘By Your Side’ in what’s been a busy year for the DJ/producer and Aus Music founder who, prior to these, hadn’t released any solo EPs for three years.

The four-track EP wields the same cold, deep and mesmerizing house atmospheres that have defined his previous output, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. As the title might suggest, there are more moments of lightness and colour on this release than on Saul’s other releases, be that in the rapid, glittery arpeggios and sporadic drum patterns of ‘Wobbly or the cascading melodies of ‘Slide’.

‘Start Again’ is triumphant and elated, an ideal cut to set the mood on the dancefloor or to cleanse the palate when it’s all nearly over. Check it out below.

Pre-order 'Arps & Early Starts' here