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Premiere: Yohei S ‘CContac’

Next up on Ciel, Yohei S and Daniel 58’s Parallel Minds label is a split 12”, ‘Eight Two Five’. Hear the deep rave chimes of Yohei S’ ‘CContac’ now

Toronto label Parallel Minds will release its next EP, ‘Eight Two Five’ on 10th February. 

Run by Ciel, Yohei S and Daniel 58, the label places an emphasis on highlighting local talent, with the new split EP featuring tracks from the latter two co-founders. 

Daniel 58’s cuts, ‘If It's Dead Now, When Was It Alive?’ and ‘Grump When I'm Wake’, are cloudy, off-kilter club sizzlers full of jolting rhythms and heavy bass plumes. Yohei S tracks, ‘CContac’ and ‘Down By Three’, are similarly atmospheric, with foggy bass and skittering electronics floating around on top of dub-aligned beats. 

Below, you can hear ‘CContac’, with its bouncy rugged house groove and deep, swirling rave chimes. 

Pre-order ‘Eight Two Five’ here.