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Premiere: Yohei S ‘CContac’

Next up on Ciel, Yohei S and Daniel 58’s Parallel Minds label is a split 12”, ‘Eight Two Five’. Hear the deep rave chimes of Yohei S’ ‘CContac’ now

Yohei Press Pic (Credit_ Séb Mean).jpg
Yohei Press Pic (Credit_ Séb Mean).jpg

Toronto label Parallel Minds will release its next EP, ‘Eight Two Five’ on 10th February. 

Run by Ciel, Yohei S and Daniel 58, the label places an emphasis on highlighting local talent, with the new split EP featuring tracks from the latter two co-founders. 

Daniel 58’s cuts, ‘If It's Dead Now, When Was It Alive?’ and ‘Grump When I'm Wake’, are cloudy, off-kilter club sizzlers full of jolting rhythms and heavy bass plumes. Yohei S tracks, ‘CContac’ and ‘Down By Three’, are similarly atmospheric, with foggy bass and skittering electronics floating around on top of dub-aligned beats. 

Below, you can hear ‘CContac’, with its bouncy rugged house groove and deep, swirling rave chimes. 

Pre-order ‘Eight Two Five’ here.