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Premiere: Yushh ‘Bcc:’

 All Centre’s final release of the year comes from Noods and 1020 Radio regular,  Yussh, with ‘PB:PB’. Hear the spiralling bass and fragmented percussion of B-side ‘’Bcc.’ now

All Centre close off a prolific 2019 on 20th December with an EP from Bristol based DJ, producer and Noods and 1020 Radio regular, Yushh.

Following release from Stacey Sexton, Hence Therefore, Bleid, BFTT and label founder DJ P, Yushh’s ‘PB:PB’ offers two cuts of lush, bassy UK techno. 

Both tracks on the EP draw from the same arrow quiver as Bristol labels like Hessle Audio, Timedance and Livity Sound, with wobbly bass and frosty synth plumes flowing around agile percussive patterns. 

B-side, ‘Bcc:’ fltis and jitters with beefy fragmented drums and spiralling bass and electronics. Check it out below.