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Premiere: Ziúr 'All Lessons Unlearned (feat. Samantha Urbani)'

Berlin-based Ziúr will release her second album, 'ATØ', via Planet Mu later this month. Hear the producer's glossy electronics on left-field pop anthem, 'All Lessons Unlearned', featuring vocals from Mystic-based singer/songwriter, Samantha Urbani

Ziúr will release her second album via Planet Mu later this month.

Exploring darker territories with gritty electronics on her first full-length release 'U Feel Anything?' in 2017, Ziúr showcases a different style completely with new album 'ATØ’.

Conjuring dream-like soundscapes with abstract pop sounds, the Berlin-based artist shared that 'ATØ' is "In support of all people who struggle finding a place in this world, who are having trouble being respected AND celebrated for who they are. For everyone, who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts and weirdos. For people who fight for their existence, every day."

Album standout 'All Lessons Unlearned' features vocals from Samantha Urbani, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Doldrums, SOPHIE, and Twin Shadow. A warped pop anthem that journeys through glossy synth and vibrant percussion for the most part, the addition of Urbani's syrupy vocals shine light on the darker, more abrasive textures in Ziúr's production.

Listen to 'All Lessons Unlearned' featuring Samantha Urbani below. 'ATØ' is out on the 15th November. Pre-order the album here.