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Premiere: Zombies In Miami ‘Misterio de Verano’

Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label readies its sixth annual compilation. Mexican live duo Zombies In Miami provide one of 16 deep, punchy cuts that celebrate the label’s distinct sound…

Since 2013, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant has been releasing an annual compilation album highlighting the breath of talent featured on the label.

Set for release next Friday 28th September, the sixth edition of the series is as far reaching and cutting edge as ever featuring 16 tracks from artists featured on the label. Championing the imprint’s deep, sprawling and globally influenced sound, the compilation features cuts from the likes of Red Axes, Perel, Moscoman, Simple Symmetry, MR.TC , Marvin & Guy and more.

Premiering below we’ve got ‘Misterio de Verano’ from Mexican live electronic duo Zombies In Miami. With previous releases on Cómeme, Suara, Hippie Dance and more as well as Correspondant, the pair’s trademark blend of dark, spectral techno bursts through on this track with its cold bass groove and moody synths. 

You can pre-order 'Correspondant Compilation 06' here.