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Jozef K & Winter Son

Smiling Through Wide Eyes EP

Skint Records
Following up on ‘Made Of Black Energy’, the Tribal Sessions pair release the ‘Smiling Through Wide Eyes EP’ on Skint Records, and it’s clear they both have UK/Manchester's rave scene to thank for their inspiration. The original, a breaks-ridden piano-leading raver with boundless energy, is only slightly topped by a pounding remix from Mr Tophat & Art Alfie, which, although heavy in the low, uses airy pads to lift the track into something more ethereal at times. Argy steps up and raises the energy levels once more with a revitalised looped-house sound, circa 2000. The EP closes with ‘Starlight In Another World’, some downtempo prog-twinged electronica for those blurry after hours parties. Top notch and top fun!