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Energy 52

Café Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix)

Solomun dominated last summer with his ‘Age Of Love’ rework: expect Tale Of Us to do the same here. To be fair, ‘Energy 52’ never really left us (arguably to the point of nausea), though among nearly 150 reissues and remixes, there’s never been one as powerful as this. The duo’s talent for extravagant, otherworldly melodies are allowed to bloom in full, and notably, the iconic build of the original is elegantly reworked into a nine minute “catch and release” tease; ideal for those summer Afterlife residencies. To a degree, it reflects the house and techno elite’s reliance on predictable tropes now they’ve seized the status quo (not to mention, a lack of original ideas). Though these feel like petty niggles when the execution is this good.