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Eris Drew

Raving Disco Breaks Vol 1.

Raving Disco Breaks Vol 1.
In a time of uncertainty, it’s quite relieving when something does what it promises, and ‘Raving Disco Breaks’, a mixtape by Chicago DJ Eris Drew, delivers all three title ingredients in abundance. Although on paper the formula may sound a little clunky, on record – or on cassette, as is the case – and handled by Drew, it’s a storming exploration of irrefutable grooves and beats, peppered with old-school DJ flair. This is a mixtape in the purer sense, as Drew has essentially weaved it together from various gems and oddities in her record bag. There is – shock, horror – no tracklist, but you don’t need one, partly because that’s really not what this mix is about and partly because you’ll recognise some of what’s there anyway. There’s plenty of uplifting house plucked straight from the ’90s (24Hour Experience’s ‘Scatter’ and Jomanda’s ‘Make My Body Rock’ stand out), disco-infused bangers (Sneaky Tim’s ‘Ever Body’) and ravier scenes like Rhythm on the Loose’s euphoric ‘Break of Dawn’, plus – of course – big, chunky breaks galore, making things even-more dancefloor-primed. Drew occasionally gets playful with what’s there, but never at the expense of the tunes or the overall mood, making for an energised mix that demands repeated listens.