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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 558

Redpine & Solo

Hindsight EP

Studio Rockers

London and Leeds-based duo Redpine & Solo deliver the ultimate in coffee-table broken-beat flavours. Lush instrumentation combines with lilting chords, junglistic rhythms and Franceskah's gorgeous vocals to send it all adrift on sunkissed bliss via the title track 'Hindsight', before ethereal pads and lush guitar-work lift the sumptuous breakbeat jazz of 'Species' gently into view. 'This Is It' ups the tempo and adds ravey darkcore interludes for a full dnb outing, before the pair spin the listener through black holes and stardust into the half-heard, astral wonder that is 'Nebula'. Superior comedown chill for enlightened lounge lizards.

Left Right and Zander

'Can't Stop'


Strange but positive things are happening in Texas. Left/Right and Xander blend heady atmospherics with urban grit on this brooding 3am roller, rumbling b-line intensity combining with lilting pads for a track that's half heaven, half hell. And all rugged, classy broken-beat goodness.

Joey McCrilley

'Lights Out/What's Up'


Here's a brace of atmospheric two-step breakbeat grooves with a sound so current it hurts. UK producer Joey McCrilley sends down clipped snares, off-key percussion, smatterings of deep-sub and moody ghetto vocals on 'Lights Out', while 'What's Up' rips up the rulebook with leftfield synthwork, washed-out snatches of vocal and brooding Zinc-style bass riffs. Two perfect set-builders for discerning DJs.


'Loophole/Hero's Heroine'

Hot Cakes Bass

Germany's B-phreak shows how much his sound has developed with a classy double-tracker that's all about the rugged futurism. Killa chords, sharp-shooting percussion and bruising ragga vocal licks vibe up the rolling breakbeat-house flavours of 'Loophole', while ravey keys, noisenik bass and moody atmospherics send 'Hero's Heroine' out into the dance to cause maximum devastation.


'Lux EP'

Four40 Records

Watsn, aka Callum Watson, is another up-and-coming young UK bass producer worth keeping an eye on. While 'Lux' is a little listless for my tastes in its darkcore dungeon vibes, 'Trifi' benefits from furious b-line energy and a cool interlude of lush padwork, and 'Dis' has a nice line in sweary rap sampling over the 4/4 beats. Final track 'BDP' plumps for experimental beats and eery dystopian atmospherics, sounding like a distant squat rave on a far-flung planet populated by scary insectoid aliens.

Smalltown DJs

'My People (Marten Hørger remix)'

Crispy Crust

Hørger is remix king right now, and this is another guaranteed floor-filler from the German bass maestro. With shades of the trappy, brass-led breakbeat vibe currently being pushed by Wuki, this reworking of Canadian act Smalltown People is a killa clap-and-kick rhythm with a twisting, turning b-line so gnarly it could be used as paint-stripper.


'Stealth VIP/Ritual/Havoc'

877 Records

Coming out of Poland and London, Negativ deliver the breakbeat-4/4 hybrid of 'Stealth VIP', a version of which recently appeared on My Nu Leng's blistering 'Fabric Live' comp. The key ingredients here are heavily-effected percussion, killer drum-work and muscular bass. The resulting dish a classy trip into atmospheric tech-dub territory. The duo follow up with 'Ritual', a tidy dubstep-influenced broodcore effort, and the heady two-step/dancehall brock out of 'Havoc', my pick of the three tracks. You want these.

Josu Mämmi

'Untitled EP'


Finnish maestro Josu Mämmi is self-releasing this gorgeous five-tracker on Bandcamp, and deserves every little bit of success he gets. 'Mammas Pojke' is minimalistic tech-funk with the emphasis on the funk, 'Si' is sun-drenched early morning chillout house, 'Open Your Eyes' is blissed-out electronica, 'Collage' is Hardfloor-influenced acid experimentalism, and the utterly impeccable 'Conflict' is a wiggy, mesmerising synth-led electronic epic pitched perfectly to send them out into the night starry-eyed and full of renewed belief in the power of music.