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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 593

Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors

They Follow feat Foreign Beggars & Stush

New State Music

You just can’t fuck with a good beat. True to form, the archetypal bass men Stanton Warriors have returned, and they’re dropping pure fire from their forthcoming album ‘Rise’. This tune has an epochal vibe right from the top — sparse tribal drums and epic synth rises boast pure attitude, giving way to deep, hollow basses and allegorical vocals from the Foreign Beggars and Stush. There are so many unique and well-placed sounds in this jam, it’s literally impossible not to get down to. It’s astute songwriting like this that lionised the Warriors' name as we know it. Next level business.


'Acid Fire'

83 Recordings

Nosk is a name that should be gracing everyone’s hotlist in 2019, a personal favourite from the Spanish scene. It’s that huge acid sound that’s getting me deep down in the feels, only this time favouring a huge, Prodigy-esque drum kit to parry the more minimal sounds of the moment. Featuring the infamous “god of hellfire” sample, this one's a timely tribute to our saviour Keith, RIP.

SFV Acid

'AIG Mix'

Congee Disc (Amsterdam)

Love stumbling on cuts like this from producers completely outside of the scene. Music from producers that “aren’t paying attention” are often the most authentic sounding, and this track is no exception. The sound lies somewhere between Aphex Twin and the Bassbin Twins — a multilayered journey through menacing analogue soundscapes, jagged grooves and discordant melodies. It's all tied together by some beautifully woven acid breakbeats. So good.

Jensen Interceptor

'EM Damage'

Whos Susan

The stripped analogue breaks making their way across from the techno world are constantly adding the freshest spins to the scene. There’s something spooky about the amount of energy these minimal, late night jams produce. Pulling from such a small pool of sounds, it’s the sheer rawness of the production that carries these underproduced and care-free beats into the stratosphere, where they blossom. Acid bass is organising a takeover.


'Graft feat Rakay '


Hypho is on a monumental tear right now, and what better way to announce his arrival in the iconic Swamp81 camp than an epic four-tracker for the ages? All these tunes are HARD, but 'Graft', featuring bars from the ever rapturous MC Rakay, is a whole other level of deepness. This is the sort of grime that makes the Cillit Bang man [Barry Scott? - ed] piss his pants at night.



Ram Records

You’ll probably know Toronto’s Bensley for some of his ridiculously well produced d&b. He consistently hits a melodic edge in his tunes that so many other producers fall short of. Taken from his new album (of the same title), 'Musoka' is a refreshing mid-tempo take on his sound. This is a cinematic and truly epic trip down the rabbit hole, with a tight jungle breaks drum kit, soaring basses and haunting sfx.

Marten Hørger & SkiiTour

'Redlight (Left/Right Remix)'

Punks Music

Left/Right has peeled back layer after layer of his sound in recent times, revealing himself as one of the scene's undoubted super producers. A transcendent mix of low-end energy, futuristic minor key atmospherics, tough breakbeats and four-four switch ups, this new flip of Marten Hørger & SkiiTour’s monster hit tune 'Redlight' is one of his most dancefloor focused jams to date.


'Transparency Illusion'

Dissident Sound

There is absolutely zero fat on this beat from the fine Bristol export, Hedchef. A metallic bank of denuded drum hits do the brunt of the work here, allowing the deep basses and industrial reverbs to run riot in the dance. It’s clear that this jam boasts the type of ice-cold character that will have you gurning well into the early hours.