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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 596

Dog Blood

4 MIND feat Josh Pan & X&G

Big Beat

If you’re in the business of giving soundsystems an absolute kicking, then these new beats from Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize) will be right up your alley. There’s so much rave crammed into these tracks, it’s not even funny. The guys pull in all manner of nostalgic themes and, from the classic “something for your body and your mind” vocal to the welcome presence of rave horns/stabs, this is three-and-a-half minutes of absurdly good music. The programming here will make you want to burn your studio computer, and whoever did the mix-down needs to be locked up. Next level business.

Christian Martin

'Athena's Lullaby'

Trippy Ass Technologies

There’s some truly gratifying Stranger Things energy being channelled here. Wonderful arpeggiated synth lines from space paint thick analogue soundscapes that will make your hair stand on end. The selection of sounds, and quality of samples, make this any audiophile's wet dream. Absolute winner for playing at home or in the club, this is a speaker-flexing, sub bass workout for the ages.



Tumble Audio

There’s no shortage of dancefloor fire on Tumble Audio’s amazing new 'Roadman Anthems' comp. It boasts fine cuts from Doctor Jeep, Archive, Majora, Leda Stray and Killjoy to name a few, but it’s this subby 808 monster from Arma that’s getting me deep in the feels. Less is undoubtedly more here. A bassy Jersey lead line dances over sparse drums and hardly any SFX — where does the energy come from?

Nocturnal Sunshine

'Foundation (Third Son Remix) '


This record was begging for some good remixes, and this one from Third Son is just what the doctor ordered. The original was already deep and dark, but this version has been steered down an even more melancholy road. A minimal drum arrangement plays out over an organ-led soundscape, with eerie vocal snatches and sultry FX. This well-balanced bank of moody sounds could be the perfect dystopian sci-fi soundtrack.

Mall Grab

'Growing Pains'

Looking For Trouble

The mighty Mall Grab continues his campaign of terror on the industry, with another ear tickling four-tracker via his label Looking For Trouble. These chunky, analogue, (and sometimes) acid breakbeats are my favourite trope in the scene right now. Uncomplicated techno arrangements mean that all these beats are heads-down, elbows-up, dancefloor gold. These are the underground sounds that you’ve been looking for.

Stanton Warriors

'Over You feat Lily McKenzie (GUAU Remix)'

New State Music

GUAU, boss of 83 Records, demonstrates why he’s among the elite of breakbeat’s super producers coming out of Spain in 2019. This is a masterful mix of one of the standout tunes from Stanton Warriors' new album 'Rise'. Deep Reese basses serve as the perfect backdrop to a John Carpenter-esque lead synth, a finely tuned drum kit, and wistful vocals from Lily McKenzie. HUGE.


'Rave Against The Machine'

Family Planning

With releases on Turbo, I/AM/ME & Skint in recent history, ABSOLUTE. is a name that those paying attention, already know is not to be fucked with. Rave Against The Machine is the lead tune from his awesome new EP on Family Planning. It’s a ravey journey back to those 90s feels, all raw energy, hoover leads and ragged production for that extra layer of authenticity. These vibes are shaping up to be the sound of the summer!

9Trane & Dread Mc


Punks Music

Pulling out all the stops again, the ever rapturous Dread MC has returned to the mighty Punks Music for another fine trip to the disco. With the infamous 9Trane at the buttons, all hype levels have been cranked to overload here. Dread summons the psychedelic powers of Santana, while the clinical beats and grimy lead lines smack you into another dimension. In the bag!