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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 582

Midnight Heist

Return To The Sauce EP

Bona Fido

Every now and then a release hits the inbox that sounds completely different to anything else you've heard in the last decade. The temptation is to dismiss it as a curveball from the leftfield, a selection of music so off-radar that it will never get played in clubs in 2018. The new EP from the mysterious Midnight Heist (sent to me by a fellow with an email address, amateur sleuths) is one of those moments. But hell, if 'Return To The Sauce' doesn't make you wish there were an entire scene built around these tunes: around throbbing, 115bpm space funk, sounding like the soundtrack to a long lost 1970s comic book movie, all wigged out cosmic grooves and supersonic synthy goodness. Build the nightclub (preferably on Jupiter), invite some groovy cats from Alpha Centauri, and I'll be first on the dancefloor.


'Back Bend'

Top Drawer Digital

The inimitable Fish is going in hard on this relentless UK funky re-rub of Pressa's recent single. B-line energy is the name of the game here for the Bristol-based badman, with the drop coming in rougher than a mouthful of antifreeze-dipped sandpaper.



Low Pitched Records

Yorkshire duo Tik&Borrow deliver an unusually wistful and melodic slice of UK funky, featuring fine string and piano work alongside the usual carnivalesque percussion and four-four beats. An intriguing blend, if not an entirely natural one.

Alex Session

'Follow Me'

Punks Music

Blending junglistic breaks with velvety-deep vibes and Ciara Haidar's lovelorn vocal, "Follow Me" is an anthemic dose of breakbeat that sits perfectly on the Stanton Warriors' always-consistent Punks imprint. Also included here is a "Basement" mix for the 4 x 4 heads and an instrumental take that places the emphasis firmly on those perfectly processed amens.

DJ Zinc & Jay Robinson

'Get Me Some'


'Get Me Some' comes flowing out of the bottle like the finest bourbon, deep dark and luxuriously textured. This one is all about Ami Carmine's sultry bad girl vocal, which comes twisting and writhing through the mix with considerable brio. Zinc and Robinson have combined to provide a techy, 3am jam to take the energy on the dancefloor to the next level.

Jaguar Skills x DJ Spookz


Four 40

Since when did Jaguar Skills make bass music? Well, here he is, teaming up with the mighty DJ Spookz for a breakbeat bass hybrid that blends tuned up ragga vocals with industrial strength b-line bravado, and tough kicks and claps. The result is a fearsome blend of grime and bassline aesthetics, a full throttle slice of murder bass that never lets up from the get go.


'Screwball EP'

Roska Kicks & Snares

Bristol's Motu comes correct with a quirky dose of broken UK funky, blending warped basslines and dancehall style drum work for maximum effect on title track 'Screwball'. Also included are the conga-led four-four romp of 'Anytime Theme' and the Caribbean vibes of 'Yeah Riddim'. This is a young man with a serious future in the game.

DJ Madd

'Take It Down/On The Rocks'

Roots & Future LTD

Hungary's DJ Madd brings the first release on new imprint Roots & Future LTD, designed to showcase the US-based producer's fondness for slinky 120bpm garage licks. These are low-slung backroom joints, elegantly spliced together by a man who clearly knows his way around a studio. 'Take It Down' blends Reese style basslines with subtle female vocals and atmospheric pads, while 'On The Rocks' combines 808 percussion, heavily-processed, supercool vocals and an irresistible, persistent bass groove. Absolute class.