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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 588

Marten Høreger

Marten Hørger & SkiiTour


Punks Music

Marten Hørger has teamed up with Canadian party heroes Skiitour for a raw and relentless sashay down the bass mountain, weaving in and out of startled ravers like an out of control snow plough being driven by Lewis Hamilton. Like the best of Marten’s work, the genius here is in the track’s simplicity: it’s little more than thunderous low-end over a smart, broken beat kick and drum rhythm, peppered with pitch bent snatches of that “Redlight” vocal to warn us the soundsystem’s about to spontaneously combust.

Boy In The Basement

'Bury That'

Basement Dubs

The ‘Producers Cuts’ series coming by way of Basement Dubs has been bringing pure fire from day one, and its latest edition has more than delivered. ‘Bury That’ oozes a legit London street sound, boasting some serious garage and bashment vibes with attitude to match. There’s zero info out there about the mysterious Boy In The Basement collective, but they catch all kinds of hype on their beats. Can’t wait for Vol 4 to land.

Midnight Heist

'Deep Thrust'

Bona Fido

The mysterious Midnight Heist return with another game-changing sonic starburst, this time working their way into your subconscious with a relentless space groove so incessantly funky, you’ll wonder if James Brown somehow got reincarnated as the sun god Ra. There are two versions: 'Deep Thrust' blends low-slung 110bpm beats with guitar licks, blazing, far-out effects and snatches of half-heard vocal, while 'Deeper Thrust' is like listening to the same track while lost in a blissful narcotic state. The Midnight Heist guys just turned up the heat and fired a funky plasma bolt straight into your cerebrum. All that’s left to do is sit back and melt into the nearest sofa.

The Prodigy

'Light The Sky (Special Request Remix) '


Naturally, when you see The Prodigy and Special Request in the same title, you can’t help but raise the judgement bar to its highest setting, and praise Beelzebub, didn’t this remix come through. The original is completely flipped on its head here. Delivering stripped '90s house vibes with dope Amen perc loops and heavy bashment vibes, all manner of classic rave themes and influences have been crowbarred into this, manifesting a truly original production. This is the perfect example of why Special Request is one of the most revered producers to come out of the UK in recent years.


'Skin Tissue feat Ponkie '


We can’t say enough good things about this tune. 'Skin Tissue' smacks right in the belly where your emotions hang out, with the type of warmth and energy that only the most grounded producers can generate. Tastefully arranged and expertly produced, an ethereal palette of atmospherics is underpinned by a plodding, two-step beat and some beautiful vocals from Ponkie. Khesis has always teased emotive themes in his beats, but he’s taken this new jam to a whole new level. It’s guaranteed hugs and good vibes wherever this record is playing.

My Nu Leng

'Turn Around feat Madi Lane '

Maraki Records

Undisputed lords of the dance My Nu Leng are back to bless us with another fine collection of tracks via their in-house label Maraki. The 'Junction EP' is rammed full of epic and familiar flavours that nicely round up the kind of badness you’ll have heard them dropping this summer. ‘Turn Around’ featuring Madi Lane is my favourite beat in the package — it’s more song-focused than sheer rave appeal. A waved out, hands-in-the-air, Amen ballad, it's the perfect curve ball for closing out sets. Good stuff.


'You Take Me So Far '

Four40 Records

Four40 had a stonking year, and things only just seem to be heating up for the peerless Brummie imprint. This new one from fresh signing Bakes is crammed full of rowdy, gun finger inducing vibes. There are plenty of jarring sounds used in this rhythm, but they’re nicely controlled. It’s got a drunken, swaggering, feet up on your table kind of vibe. Love it.