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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 590




White Label

A series of hits last year and some enviable sync work with uptown swanksters Louis Vuitton have placed Aloka somewhere near the top of the food chain, but it’s been a hot minute since we’ve got our hands on any fresh produce from the sprightly Welshman. Luckily, this new tune 'Convex' is set to bring nothing but the biggest things to him for the new year. Always echoing a maturity far beyond his years, this progressive and techy piece is a cool and deadly leviathan that guarantees a hands-in-the-air moment with every spin.

Javy Groove


83 Recordings

It's beyond doubt that 83 Records established itself as an infallible home for good music in 2018, and it's kicked off the new year with some absolute monsters indeed. My favourite tune from this new wave of freshness is 'Jungle', a wonderful, garagey Reese bass anthem from Madrid super-don Javy Groove. The devil is in the detail with a tune like this — the raw sounding drums boast an authentic naughties UKG vibe while they dance around some cutting-edge bass sounds that drop kick you into the modern day. Beats for days.

Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC

'Light It Up'


The time-honoured super duo Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC may never have sounded so dope. Coming via Westwood Recordings as part of its new 'Fresh Ingredients EP', this tune is full of amazing electro-hop breakbeats and nostalgic melodies. Easily at home in the Daft Punk or Ed Banger catalogues, the disco funk sound here is absolutely real. Bringing a boatload of funk to the table has always been Krafty's forte, and this jam is a perfect example of why he commands some of the most loyal fans in the scene.

Terror Tone

'Mad Ting feat Plain English (Murder He Wrote Remix) '

Ultra Bass

There’s something about a strong two-step groove that so often brings out the best in a dancefloor, and is there a better vessel for this vibe than a fresh Murder He Wrote dub? Plain English brings some rambunctious energy to this jam with his no-frills bars, while the dutty riddims carry you off to another place.

Various Artists

'Night Bass Remixed Vol.2 (Sampler)'

Night Bass

Unless you’ve been living in a boot for the last few years, you’ll know that AC Slater and the Night Bass gang have assembled a firm of ruthless bass-hounds that would find itself the envy of El Chapo himself. There’s a crazy amount of talent crammed into this new remix EP, with Taiki Nulight, 219 Boys, APEXAPE, Proxy and Jay Robinson all reimagining some of the label's biggest tunes of 2018. This brash package of smoking hits is so big it will literally be impossible to sleep on. Night Bass doing it right as always.


'Odium (Benton Remix) '

Manuka Records

New kid on the block Manuka Records raises the bar to new heights in its unstoppable pursuit of success. The addition of a legend to its roster proves that it’s nothing but big things, as the enigmatic Benton wades in on some serious remix duties. Authentic jungle vibes come in abundance here — strictly Amen breaks stripped and raw, with deep Reese bass and menacing atmospherics. This tune is a late night belter that will keep eyes rolling well into the early hours. Gully!

Left/Right & Bodyblow

'OneTwo feat Dread MC'

Punks Music

Two of the scene's most prolific antiheroes, Left/Right and Dread MC, have engulfed the dance in recent history, with a tsunami of fresh cuts that are always driving the scene forward. Teaming up with Dallas freshman Bodyblow, this latest bass conquest might just be their most notorious expedition to date. Dread’s no nonsense vibes here set the tone nicely for the onslaught of thundering drums, deep subby bass and Left/Right's signature palette of minor key atmospherics. Texas has fired another warning shot across the bow of the bass world with this one, they’re coming correct in 2019.

Christian Martin & Lenny Kiser

'The Beat'

Trippy Ass Technologies

There’s only a few names that I truly welcome when they blow up my inbox. Christian Martin and Lenny Kiser are two of these, so this collab promised serious vibes — and good lord, did it come through. All seven minutes of this tune are fine-tuned for destruction. Switching things up, the guys have adopted the kick-snare sounds of the moment, chucked in a deep, swelling bassline and spewed forth some of the dopest acid breaks I’ve heard in years. Dropping soon via American powerhouse Trippy Ass Technologies, this one won’t disappoint at all.

Various Artists

'Vol.6 (Sampler)'


Southpoint continues its reign of terror, with a fresh comp of tunes that demonstrates why it's widely heralded as one of the UK’s most forward-thinking bass labels. Contributions from Mofaux, Daze Prizm, 9Trane and Bushbaby are my favourite jams in the pack, each including unique flavours that smack of the sophistication and sickening production levels you’d expect from such a heavyweight bunch. This package is locked and loaded with the kind of dancefloor fire that will rip the roof off any self-respecting rave.