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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 594

Nocturnal Sunshine



Every release the iconic Maya Jane Coles drops via her Nocturnal Sunshine alias has been nigh-on flawless. There’s a real coherence to her motifs, and a subtle class that’s made me a massive fan. Production, promotion, art direction, all perfectly on point. There’s nothing complicated in the arrangements in this tune: it’s a perfect and simple balance of stripped Reese basses, vocal snatches. kick-snare loops and a healthy layer of vinyl crackle. This beat embodies the spirit of “less is more”, manifesting a dusty late night jam that won’t be leaving my playlist any time soon.

Kouslin & Logan


Durkle Disco

Never a dull moment with the Durkle Disco gang, they’ve been a battle-hardened mainstay in my hotlist for months. This new one from Kouslin & Logan is a cool and deadly jam, echoing deep influences from Afrobeats, grime and garage. A snappy two-step beat keeps you locked into the dance, while the vocal provides infectious get-hype vibes. Massive.

Stanton Warriors

'Green Light feat Ami Carmine'

New State Music

A fresh arsenal of Stanton Warriors beats for 2019 means the airwaves have been on fire just lately. This is easily the most UKG focused tune I’ve heard from the Warriors since 'Bring Me Down', which will be an undoubtedly pleasing statistic for their fanbase. Featuring an overwhelmingly feel-good vocal from Ami Carmine, this vintage Stanton jam will be bringing pure vibes to the festival fields this summer.




From the very first hint of an Apache loop, you know that this new one from Mofaux is going to blow your socks off. A spooky bank of call and response bleeps and atmospherics paint a dystopian landscape, the perfect backdrop for a stripped jungle drum kit and deep, menacing bass. This jam is an absolute trip that continually morphs through a series of layered twists and textures, love it.

Barely Royal & Dread Mc

'Keep It Real '

Bingo Bass

Barely Royal continues to assert his dominance on the scene with a smoking hot Dread MC collab. This one features all the fancy wavetable wobbles that you’d expect from a BR production, and of course a healthy dose of attitude from Dread himself. There’s a distinctly mid noughties ‘Hardcore Breaks’ vibe being channelled here, providing body jerking movements for ravers new and old. Crazy levels of hype coming out of the Bingo camp this season, long may it continue.

Mall Grab & Nite Fleit


Looking For Trouble

The feeling of impending doom is always lurking in the background when this villainous jam from the mighty Mall Grab and Nite Fleit is playing. Released on MG's label Looking For Trouble, 'Moogie' is another testament to the timeless nature of his sound, featuring an anxiety-inspiring set of analogue acid breakbeats and minor key atmospherics that will have you bumping until the sun comes up.




Transcending the world of Facebook group obscurity, the infamous Lengoland crew have finally arrived in label land. Their community has largely been one of the scene's leading tastemakers, so this really is a big deal. Their debut release with Liverpool upstart Wheeto features a sick UKG jam that’s got me bouncing off the walls. With vexing lead basses and seriously funky drums, this record has an attitude problem that will upset almost anyone.

Plump DJs

'Voices Of Doom'

Punks Music

Lee and Andy have been holding it down as bulwarks of the scene for more than a hot minute, and their ability to drop genre-spanning fire appears to have no bounds. Their latest offering via the mighty Punks Music imprint is another classic Plump groove for your collection, with stripped drums, descending bass sounds and edgy lead lines; processed spankingly, and teeming with life.