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Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 595

Chemical Brothers

We've Got To Try


Thirty long years and nine amazing albums at the top of the game — The Chems are quite simply on another level. Pitching down a 1973 Halleluiah Chorus classic provides a sincere vintage Chicago soul timbre here, acting as the perfect backdrop to a huge electro-hop drum kit and a menacing 303 lead line. From the soaring basses down to the distant vinyl crackle, I’m loving everything about this record. The entire 'No Geography' album is a work of art, leaving no doubt that seeing the guys live will be the highlight of my summer again. Iconic.

Stanton Warriors

'About Your Love feat Lily McKenzie'

New State Music

Easily my favourite jam from the spanking new Stanton Warriors album, 'Rise'. Proving that less is undoubtedly more in 2019, this arrangement is stripped bare, but still delivers a mighty wallop. Deep 808 kicks, snappy perc loops, an infectiously catchy lead and plenty of cowbell support a beyond-classy top-line from Lily McKenzie. Overflowing with originality, the Warriors prove again why they’re some of the most revered producers in the game.

UFO Project


Alkimia Recordings

UFO Project have been quietly killing it for years. Their beats are always fire, but being out in Tenerife has seemingly made it tough to get the limelight they deserve. Luckily, some monstrous releases lately on the iconic Circus Records have slapped the boys right out on the front lines where they belong. With peak-time bro-step synth lines and smacking beats, I think this is the best breaks tempo tune they’ve dropped in years. Killer

Dog Blood

'Break Law'

Big Beat

I’d heard rumblings of new Dog Blood material on its way, and man, didn’t this fulfil every hope I had for it. Their 'Turn Off The Lights EP' boasts some seriously unhinged vibes that will be blowing up the summer in style. 'Break Law' is the stand-out tune for me, with Bollywood vocal loops, THE DEEPEST 808 bass, sickening drums and the mixdown from hell. Next level business from Skrillex and Boys Noize.


'Cold feat Nazizi & Idd Aziz '

Beating Heart

Thanks to the amazing team behind the scenes, Beating Heart is consistently home to some of the best and most interesting music out there. This record boasts a strict Afrobeats rhythm — it’s a really well-tweaked two-step beat with deep bass, off-beat perc loops and transcendent singing/rapping from the talented Kenyans Nazizi and Idd Aziz. This is an unquestionably authentic jam, with its roots planted firmly in Africa.

DJ Zinc & Chris Lorenzo


Bingo Bass

Are there two more polarising figures in the UK bass scene than Chris Lorenzo and DJ Zinc? Probably not... and it’s with that in mind that this tune feels so special. Ethereal vocals give way to this year's flavour of get-hype hoover basses and thundering four-four kicks. Easily living up to the hype, this is a peak time bassline banger from two of the scene's undisputed heavyweights. Dropping on Bingo’s forthcoming 'Crackhouse' comp. Absolute stinker!

Barely Royal

'Follow Me feat Gid Sedgwick & Cureton'


Barely Royal has burst into a whole other stratosphere of songwriting and production with his latest beat. This eclipses all his previous work, and I loved all that. Swapping his trademark wavetable basslines for a bank of more nuanced and subtle noises has opened his sound up for some rather large vibes indeed. The vocals are outstanding and the drums are killer. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


'Love Theory'

Punks Music

Aylen’s releases on Main Course and Psycho Disco have been some of the biggest records to hit the breaks scene in recent years, so it’s wicked to see his talents now getting some additional UK shine through the mighty Punks Music. Stripped drums, deep bass and shimmering melodies: this one has an LTJ Bukem vibe that will have late night dancefloors on their knees. Good stuff.


'Turning Orange (Tuff City Kids 808 Fate Remix) '

Music For Freaks

After a decade largely spent in the shadows, house music’s godfathers of weird Freaks are bringing sexy back with some crazy good releases for 2019 via their iconic MFF label. This stripped 808, electro-hop remix is a healthy curveball for their catalogue, from the legendary Tuff City Kids. Low slung electro beats, minor key atmospherics and nostalgic '80s vocal pitch-shifts. This makes you want to get down and do the Electric Boogaloo.