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Singles - Disco - Issue 558

The Mighty Zaf

Doin’ It

Moton Records Inc.

Operating the unstoppable disco machine, Moton, this time is none other than The Mighty Zaf — owner of one of the most covetable disco collections, album-compiler and owner of fine London-based record emporium, Love Vinyl. For this esteemed re-edit label, he does an expert cut-'n'-paste job on luxurious disco moments from the likes of Canadian outfit Tangerue and the Barry White-produced classic, ‘I Can’t Let Him Down’ by Love Unlimited. Don't miss.


'Birkelunden (Remixes)'

Paper Recordings

Stockport-based, nu-disco/deep house authority draft in Norwegian producer, Diskobeistet, for his second release on the label. Having flashed up on the nu-disco radar last year, this airy club tune runs another lap with new mixes from Richard Seaborne, Vinny Villbass and Haugli; adding a touch of old-school-style house music (especially on Seaborne’s Todd Terry-inspired production) and a dash of rubbery disco funk.

Alejandro Molinari

'Break the Bricks EP'


The Venezuelan producer makes some very smart sounding EBM (also heard on his previous release for Blindetonation) and comes up with the some of the good stuff once more. Perhaps a less rugged duplication of one of the Comeme acts, for example, but Molinari’s gleaming new-wave and disco-noir (sung in his Spanish tongue) is a nice balance of the kind of scorching club music heard by DJs Pareja and the cold-blooded electro of, say, Daniel Avery. A promising return.


'Entschuldigung EP'

Word Up Records

Former Superman Lover, Guillaume Atlan, whips up a noxious mix of electro, EBM and new wave/proto house alongside studio partner, Stephane Bejean-Lebenson (last heard as Christine on Mute’s ‘Irregulars’ series in 2007). The EP crosses these genres with ease, working in some nice ideas and modern production touches (note the woofer-wrecking sub-bass on ‘Say It Loud’ and the growling acid disco party, ‘C.O.N.’) for a savvy dancefloor.


'House Of Love'

Shaboom Records

Apart from Chaka Khan’s vocal presence, there’s not a great deal that can save this over-produced, plastic-disco pastiche from the minds behind M People. Even the remix choices are a little surprising — I’m bemused as to why a selection of bland, proggy house mixes were chosen. We’ve heard a lot better from the likes of Deee-Lite’s DJ Dmitry and Eric D. Clark of old school favourites, Whirlpool Productions.

Gemini Brothers

'Lost Babylon (Remixes)'

Night Noise Music

Sharp death-disco release from the Gemini Brothers who’ve been getting attention from the likes of Andrew Weatherall on previous releases for Bearfunk and ISM Records. An unusual, but functional use of an almost reggaeton rhythm injects a little warmth into the icy melody of the original; that being the standout track on the release. Elsewhere, Moscoman dispenses with the bounce for a more poker-faced approach while In Flagranti make an appearance with their prickly, no-wave version.


'Mouth To Mouth'


Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani aids this vaporous pop release to the club via a chirpy, Balearic disco fix that you will no doubt hear on the White Isle as the season approaches. Bubbling arpeggios climb in a classic Metro Area style (minus the idiosyncratic production magic from Morgan Geist, of course). A useful instrumental version accompanies, if you find the over-affected vocal a little too sweet.

Carl Davis & The Chi-Sound Orchestra

'Windy City Theme'

Chi-Sound Records

Facsimile reissue of this hymnal, rare groove classic from ‘76; a bonafide staple in the sets of London DJs such as Norman Jay (who hipped it to a new generation by featuring it in is legendary ‘Journeys By DJ’ mix and also a popular spin at his ‘Good Times’ stage, come Notting Hill Carnival). Features the equally mesmerising, two-step soul gem on the b-side, ‘Show Me The Way To Love’. Essential purchase.