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Singles - Disco - Issue 528

Death Comet Crew

Galacticoast EP


Filling a two-year gap since their last release, Citinite return with a release from NYC rap/electro/no-wave crew, Death Comet Crew. Sadly missing the lamented eccentric, Rammellzee, the original line-up of Argabright/Diekmann/ Shimokawa is intact along with the original spirit of the band. Clattering, industrial and icy cool, their rhythms are given a whole new twist with remixes by LV, Gifted & Blessed and Hieroglyphic Being. A brilliantly curated release.

Stephen Encinas

'Disco Illusion'

Invisible City Editions

Invisible City Editions go past their elbows with this beyond-obscure, tropical disco gem; trumping that beast of a Michael Boothman tune, ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ earlier in the year. The legend goes that a handful of unassuming- looking originals were found in a Trinidadian warehouse; and once word got out, a blur of collectors pushed their worth up to a four- figure sum. Since, this dreamy, kaleidoscopic, jazz-funk/disco trip has garnered continued support from the likes of Moodymann and Floating Points and has given ‘Disco Illusion’ the deserved exposure that it’s been denied for over 30 years.

Tal M. Klein

'Exhaustasaurus EP'

Aniligital Music

Reppin' disco's West Coast sound is Tal M Klein, who parades some tracks from a forthcoming album with this release, 'Exhaustasaurus' for Aniligital Music. The title tune builds up into a more techno- shaped figure with weighty, hollow basslines swinging between kicks and well-placed percussion; and to accompany, the lush, disco-themed 'The Consequence', dotted with perforated strings and fx, provides contrast. The EP also features a heavy mambo/ funk remix from Casbah 73 and a tougher electro fix from Spiltmilk that comes across as a little bit crass.


'Hippocratic Oath (Remixes)'

Permanent Vacation

Candyblasta are a synth/electro- pop project hailing from the Isle Of Man. Not quite where you'd pin the axis of electronic music, but there certainly seems an interesting channel of creativity growing from within the shores of this storm- beaten island in the middle of the Irish sea. Following a debut on the label's 'Selected Label Works No. 3', their new one, 'Hippocratic Oath', gets a remix makeover from Drvg Cvltvre, International Feel's Gonno and a brilliant primitive techno fix from Gesloten Cirkel.


'Jungle Way EP'

Fly By Night Music

Rock-disco edits keenly chopped and rearranged by Riccio, casting them into new forms with some careful production tweaks. The lead, 'Lil Boy' is an instrumental taken from what appears to be a classic 'blue-eyed' soul/disco joint a la Steely Dan, while the next tune, 'Jungle Way', works in some eerie voodoo flavours. Switching the mood, Craig Smith works in a deep, New Jersey-inspired house groove and the very NYC-sounding 'Cold Baby' closes an outstanding EP.

The Deadstock 33's

'The Circular Path'


Second single to be taken from Justin Robertson's brilliant album debut as Deadstock 33s. To accompany the original, a trio of remixes switch up the mood - one each from Luke Solomon, The Asphodells and Dimitri Veimar. Solomon's remix is a masterstroke of typical, skewed, raw Chicago- style house music; as is the jacking fix from Dimitri Veimar. Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay are back behind the desk as The Asphodells, and their spiralling, death-disco version appears as another highlight.

Beans & Company

'The Go-Go'

Low Life Loves You

Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton celebrate 20 heady years of Low Life and the spirit of their indelible club can be found in this, their brand-new label. The debut single is a collaboration between Frank and Bill with New Zealand-raised, now London-based duo, Chaos in the CBD. As Beans & Company, the troupe have whipped up a futuristic take on Washington DC's 'go-go' sound - pioneered by the late, great Chuck Brown. Amongst the syncopated rhythms, claps and congas, one of Weatherall's Bird Scarers, Craig Bratley, appears alongside Misiu with a brace of killer remixes.


'The Sea'

New World

A five-piece band from London who seem to treat the sound of indie rock and '80s pop music with similar reverence. For this new release on their own New Word label, their baroque-rock style takes a noir-ish twist, accepting a cue from cult '70s/'80s glamsters, Roxy Music. Sadly not quite reaching the sophisticated heights of Ferry, Eno, Manzanera and Mackay, but their efforts are quite admirable, nonetheless.