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Singles - Disco - Issue 517

Philipp Gorbachev

Hero Of Tomorrow


Matias Aguayo's Comeme label has had the lion's share of the top spot on this page this year - and rightly so. Over the past months, the label has been a vent for some explosive new talent such as Sano and Alejandro Paz, and familiars such as DJs Pareja, Daniel Maloso and Philip Gorbachev. With this, his third release in, Gorbachev's 'Hero Of Tomorrow' boasts a generous six tracks and is the sum of him becoming one of the label's more maverick talents. 'Where Is Rony Douglas' is the brilliant 'call and response' moment, to which we have the reply "he was killed by the CIA!" - if this isn't going to be one of the more subversive club cuts of the year, then I don't know what will be… We're then led into quirkier territories, with Gobachev's mutant strain of disco-not-disco such as 'Tour Las Mystical', 'The Last Days Of The District' and the title track. My particular favourite, 'Sweet Regina' takes a schizo, Bowie-esque 'Thin White Duke'-era lyric ("Sweet Regina went to China; send me a postcard, if you can") and wrangles it around the most haunting new-wave rhythm. So good.