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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 574



Box 'N' Lock

Starting off in the realms of smooth '90s R&B, before dropping into some soft vocal jungle, the track drifts beautifully, like a melodic, summer breeze. The whole track is dripping with a sweet, nostalgic nectar, and we are more than happy to indulge — from the classic amens, to the time travelling lyrics, which repeat “In 1996…” But our favourite nod is the two introduced switches, one heading into a ragga tip ablaze with dub-sirens and the second adorned with a delicate piano.

Mitekiss ft Mr Porter


Shogun Audio

Wow, this EP is a must. Mitekiss mentions “I wanted to make a more grown-up record, something with a bit more restraint…" and we would agree that the all four tracks ooze a sexy, soulful adult vibe. With rolling piano loops, shuffling drums and a deep warm understated bass it’s our favourite type of track and the sultry tones of Mr Porter just take this track to the next level.

Aperio ft Jordie

'Grey To Blue'


A gorgeous, glistening droplet of rolling liquid gold, transformative, uplifting and simply beautiful. The stunningly soft vocal provided by Jorgie promises of grey turning to blue, and we certainly felt our soul being transported to white sandy shore, watching glints of the sun shimmering on the sea like tiny dancing stars under a perfect azure sky. This young producer has been steadily rising to prominence but we think this release on RAM’s little sister imprint may be the one to really get him noticed.


'Keep Moving On'

Spearhead Records

Spearhead is a label that everybody loves, its ethos and output encapsulates the dark and rugged roots of our beloved genre, while accentuating tracks with melodic vibes of love, hope and fun. The label's head honcho BCee is hitting us with his fourth studio album, 'Northpoint', and the lead track is certainly brimming with that same spirit. A mix of old school piano chords, squeaky hardcore influences and catchy vocals; a track so bouncy and easily accessible it could be popped in the crossover box.



Ram Records

This is a duo that need little introduction: heavy weight pioneers Audio and Ed Rush make up the (relatively) newly formed powerhouse, Killbox. Not even a year old, the collective are at the epicentre of some serious shockwaves to the d&b universe, and this track will show you why. Ed Rush’s deep, rolling, infectious groove pair seemingly effortlessly with Audio’s aggressive mutative sound. The track is perfect for the seasoned dancefloor.

Soul Intent

'No Anwsers (Concealed Identity Remix)'


This is a beautiful muddle of music. Its backbone is a harsh and strong jungle beat, while the flesh of the track is a mostly soft and wavey nod to the melodics of techy liquid, with ethereal pads and the odd sharp, shining shard of metallics, which cut through the cloud-like atmosphere. This track certainly has a dark and brooding heart. Wax junkies take note, it’s being released on a limited edition marbled pink and black vinyl.


'Say Hello To The Future'


Hybris has launched a new label saying “I'm starting my own label to do whatever I want. I'll be doing some drum and bass tempo stuff, and some other stuff.” Intriguing! ‘Say Hello To The Future’ is the lead track from his first release and sets the precedent for the tone of the label. An open soundscape full of clicks, pops and whizzes with an eerie glow and sci-fi whirls.