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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 584


Without You

Locked Concept

This might end up being our favourite track of the summer: the energy is intense, inspiring and intoxicating. The intro brings us a classic crashing jungle drum pattern and begins our nostalgic journey; shortly after, we’re greeted by early rave style riffs and an old school pitched up female vocal. ‘Without You’ is brought into 2018 with techy synths and a rumbling sub, which rises and falls throughout. After falling for this sampler, we can’t wait for the album.

Kings of the Rollers

'Euphoria '

Hospital Records

It's no wonder these three wise men are ruling the scene now. They're known for their exciting sets, which cover the width of the scene, and prime production which only comes from pure passion and encyclopaedic knowledge. As part of their first release on Hospital since their exclusive signing, ‘Euphoria’ is unleashed, with flicking throwback synth flashes that nod to early rave. Calming waves of soft pads and Eastern, meditative melodies nestle in the midst of the track, intensifying the hard, stepping drum pattern and down right dirty sub. Excellent.

TR Tactics & DisasZt

'Fxck It (Sub Zero Remix)'

Mainframe Recordings

Fast, bouncy neuro is the order of the day here. The dish is served with the usual squelching distortion, cinematic, sci-fi sounds and plenty of risers — but this bad boy comes with a huge side serving of screeching, wobbly jump up.


'Light Up (Loadstar Remix)'

Distinctive Records

The sun is shining, festival season is well and truly underway… it’s time for some hands-in-the-air bangers. This Loadstar remix of Hybrid’s ‘Light Up’ ticks so many boxes for a summer time singalong: a soulful, sultry vocal, euphoria inclining chord progressions and quick shuffling drum patterns. But what makes this track special is its deeper nods to tech, with warping distortions and dark, rumbling sub. Perfectly balanced to appeal to both festival freshies and seasoned floor dwellers.


'Making History VIP'

Low Down Deep

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we lost one of modern jump up’s most loved producers. With a bittersweet ear, we welcome the release of the sought-after VIP of Dominator’s 'Making History'; as is the nature of VIP mixes, the track bears many similarities to its predecessor, keeping its cinematic atmospherics and bouncing, distorted sub, but the overall vibe is dirtier, and sounds fuller. It’s a welcome reminder of what made his productions effortlessly sail on the waviest of oceans.


'Man On The Moon'

Natty Dub Recordings

Jaxx is back, with the follow up to his well received debut EP. Here, this young producer continues to show us how his knack for classic sounds is making him one of this year's ones to watch. Ferociously tight, crisp jungle breaks introduce us to the track, while eerie, cinematic sci-fi atmospherics lurk in the background. Elsewhere, we find a bouncy, distorted sub which ignites memories of the trippy, warped late '90s sound. Check out ‘Park Hill’ too… certified fire.




After hearing her track 'Aim Low’ on the newest Drum & Bass Arena compilation, Dilemma is one new producer we’re very excited to watch grow. ‘Snazzball’ is a gorgeous liquid roller with a tumbling break, shuffling percussion and soft, sultry piano touches. A smooth, breathy vocal adds to the sexiness of the track, while the vibe is darkened with the addition of an understated, warping tech sub. We can imagine hearing this beauty in future Calibre sets.


'What's That Noise feat Daddy Earl'

Playaz Recordings

Many people have tried to recreate these almost uncomfortable notes, but Tyke's high pitched, screechy signature sounds can be likened to no one. Here, he teams up with serial collaborator Daddy Earl to create an EP that couldn’t sound any more Playaz if it screamed Hype! Hype! Hype! Steppy drums and a weighty sub lay beneath sinister, wonky horns that could have been recorded in 1920s New Orleans while the band were coming up. 'What's That Noise' is big, and it’s not even the best on the EP. Check.