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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 595


Funky Machine

Subway Soundz

Certain subsections of our scene are undoubtedly more formulaic than others, and it can be hard for producers to strike a balance of sounding original while still filling the criteria of their sub-genre, but here, Yoteii proves it can be done. A quick scan of the London-born label debutant’s SoundCloud page shows his varied influences combine to create a unique sound. While keeping jump up’s signature step, he adds jazzy horns, additional organic drums and quirky video game sounds to the mixture, meaning this bad boy will stand out in any style set. We’d be surprised if we don’t see this name popping up on a variety of labels in the not-too-distant future.

Zero T & Steo

'Can't Hide'

Integral Records

Anything by this long-time collab team has been on our auto-buy list ever since we first heard 'Refusal' on the timeless Marcus Intalex mix 'FABRICLIVE 35', and we are yet to be disappointed. The track is soft, smooth and utterly seductive, with its drums delicately crashing against the jazzy twists and Steo’s unmistakable, effortlessly intoxicating vocal.

Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone

'Captivated feat Tali '

Dispatch Ltd

At a time when the internet has made international collaboration effortless, it’s become far less of a special event — however, this EP was borne from multiple trips between Bristol and Vienna, and boy, was it worth the air miles. Dreamy pads which glow beneath the surface and unusually prominent shakers set the liquid tone, while the low-end subtly adds hints of darkness. Tali’s voice is, as always, soft and soulful, and really takes this beauty up a notch.

Annix & Kanine



This track is brash and noisy, with huge, anticipation-building risers which lead to a spacious drop. It’s a surprising vibe to hear from the label — yes, it's big and loud, but it’s also glitchy, steppy and at first sounded like a Vision release. On a second, higher volume listen, we were pleased to hear the swag of the swinging steps and the touch of grot that we associate with these artists.

Living Plastic



For us, the little sister label has now become the cool kid, overtaking its sibling in originality and varied output. After being featured on the annual compilation, ProgRAM welcomes back Polish producer Living Plastic for his first solo release. ‘Klax’ is vibrant and hype, with a big, bouncing melody and an almost hidden, quick oscillating low-end. Hitting the dance in all the right places, and not fitting in any boxes, it’s a pure and simple banger.

Total Science

'Nosher (The Sauce Remix)'


Over here, we like to pretend we’re too cool to care about the identities of unknown aliases or the composition of secret supergroups. This. Is. Not. True! We want to know who The Sauce are, and what the hell this is all about. This 'Nosher' remix keeps the original wobbling bassline and brings a modern, slightly rougher touch to the drums, while keeping elements of its jungle soaked roots, and bringing the manic vibe down a couple of pegs.

Need For Mirrors

'Peng A Leng (Stepper Mix)'

Souped Up

Need For Mirrors shows us he’s one of our scene's most versatile artists, with a full can of the good stuff that imprint bossman Serum describes as, “probably the closest thing to jump up you'll ever hear from him!” Helping us refine our genre boundaries, the EP includes ‘Peng A Leng’ in both ‘Stepper’ and ‘Roller’ mix variations, but we're feeling the spacious atmosphere, weighty subs and old school grime nods which tie them both.

Dedman & Nomad


Lost Recordings

While the imprint may still be a name that many are unfamiliar with, these guys are putting in the work. With a continuously improving stream of output, it’s about time to get Lost on your radar. We’re all over this track, with its sinister vibe created by the mix of rolling tech drums and the repeated swathes of darkness. Light, liquid touches of piano subtly lift the track, along with its Autonomic-esque vocal.