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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 555

Soulful Nature

Going Nowhere


Who doesn’t love a bit of cool, soothing, well executed liquid? Really? We can’t think of anyone. And this track is a perfect glistening drop of the above. It’s a jazzy, upbeat and natural-sounding little gem. A soulful vocal dances between, horns, guitars and gentle, rolling breaks, while the bass sits beneath delicately warming the track. Every now and then an extra shot of bass is layered on, giving the track a modern vibe.



Mainframe Recordings

This track is the opener from the last instalment of Mainframes Soldiers series, and it’s a grower. It’s an interesting track with the vibe of a 16bit Kirby, gliding though a night sky of candy-floss stars, leaving only twinkling rainbow dust in his wake. The beautifully manipulated vocal only adds to the surreal nature of the track, which finds itself in a good place after the breakdown when the drums make more of an impact.

The Vanguard Project


Spearhead Records

BCee & Villem along with their combined years of musical experience and expertise make up The Vanguard Project. In keeping with the Spearhead-style the track is exquisitely elegant, and beautifully blissful. A liquid roller with soft pads and gentle nods to a dreamy sci-fi world. The bass is deep, warm and sophisticated and perfectly compliments the icy, twinkling details throughout the track. Stunning work for seasoned soldiers.

Zombie Cats

'Fear & Circles'

C4C Recordings

Regular and Dementia continue their onslaught of the sonic universe with their collaborative project Zombie Cats. Following successes across multiple labels, it’s time to take an outing on C4C Starting life. With a highly polished, brooding atmosphere the track slowly builds to the drop which reveals a evil neurofunk stepper. The whole tone is moody with distortions and twists everywhere, the influence of techy synths, creates visions of a dark, dystopian future.


'Nature of Reality'

Shogun Audio

It’s releases like this that remind us of how completely 360 the Shogun camp is, an imprint responsible for the tranquil output of artists like Spectrasoul, then there’s this. This is one for the darkside, one for the mosh pits in the dance. It's a twisted, paranoid nightmare of a track with gittering, intrusive samples and mean, mutated bassline. And just like the ‘Nature of Reality’, it’s evil and it knows it.

Andy C

'New Era'

Ram Records

It’s not every day that Andy C releases his own work, in fact he hasn’t released anything since 2014’s ‘Heartbeat Loud’, and with the track opening with the proclamation that “a new era has begun", we hope we’ll be hearing more from him. ‘New Era’ is a high energy rave track, with a bouncy melody and a deep squelching sub which follows its pattern, its anticipation building breakdown and occasional dub sirens make it a perfect party tune.

June Miller & Teddy Killerz


Ram Records

You may not notice it at first, but drum and bass has a great deal in common with metal. Both genres are insanely intense and focus heavily on fast drum patterns, then there’s the attitude. This collab sees the boys explore their mutual metal roots and is fused with a relentless neuro vibe. Presented as a lesson in playing a 'Rock'N'Roll’ rhythm with amazing drums throughout and distorted guitar riffs, once the devastating sub hits, there’s really nowhere to hide.

Annix ft Killa P

'Warriors '

Playaz Recordings

We’ve always been fans of Playaz, but right now their output is just fire. And as part of their second album, ‘Warriors’ shows why Annix belong on this almighty imprint. Keeping the floor fresh, and taking the dance to different directions, the track probably shares more DNA with garage than dnb. Its bouncing baseline and energetic vocal will make it impossible for anyone not to move, but that drop though…