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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 542



Shogun Audio

This song is so stunningly striking it had a physical affect on me, bringing butterflies to my stomach and warming my chest, and prompting me to speak out loud to a room full of no one. Amen breaks, crashing drums, soft chords and a soulful snippet of vocal, before the drop takes us to unexpectedly paced drums which are slightly offset against the piano, creating a beautifully jagged affect. The bass almost unnoticeably slides between gloriously warm to dark and cold. Perfect track.



Space + Time

You can precisely hear his old school influences pouring out into this EP, this is jungle with a real classy vibe. The bass is slow, intensely deep and beautifully mellowing, while the drums are crisp and stunningly vibrant against the rest of the track. Understated layers of echoing percussion and floating chords give this track an ethereal elegance which balances out a piece which would otherwise be on the heavy and dark side.


'Gun Man (Kitcha Remix)'

System Shock

If you're looking for some loud, blow your system, blow your ear-drums, blow your whole head off music, then this is the dance destroying remix EP you're looking for. Rowdy bordering on the side of absolutely effing mental. Well crafted dancefloor, which will kill any floor without the pneumatic drill. Although still utterly dark and disgustingly dirty, the vibe is a somewhat more grown-up style of jump-up. Great EP if you’re into that side of things.


'Mukky Riddim'


Different label boss Dexta is taking an outing to None60 to release some seriously sinister business. The drums slowly march off with the crazed, murderous calm of Michael Myers. The simple melody adds another layer of horror film chic, and layered with the muffled, heavily manipulated voice mumbling incoherently in the background, this is some seriously scary shit. Dark and dirty bass cuts in for occasional short, sharp stabs before really going in hard at the drop.

Sam Binga feat Redders

'Tek Nuh Chat'

Critical Music

After testing the waters on sister label Modulations earlier in 2014, Bristol boy Sam Binga once again requests the pleasure of the talented Redders for your musical enjoyment. A solid release from camp Kasra: dark, industrial and with a slow-moving, pounding bassline, paired with its ragga vocal from Redders ‘Tek Nuh Chat’ comprises of all the elements required to make this a dancefloor smasher. Fans of the old school should also check out ‘Chasin’' from the same EP, that bass!

Qo feat Ryme Tyme

'The Fuse'

Eat Brain

With a loud and sinister atmosphere, consistent with everything we know of neurofunk connoisseurs Eat Brain, Czech producer Qo returns to the imprint, bringing with him a section of hard-hitting drum patterns and an evil, monstrous bassline. Long time legend Ryme Tyme provides the vocal talent, with a set of conscious bars rather than a quick hook. Mean, fast and aggressive, the lit fuse was definitely attached to a banger.


'Toe Tagger'

Flexout Audio

Southampton-based trio Co:Lateral set their precedent high with their debut release 'Toe Tagger', a techy roller, complete with the mandatory glitches and squelches in all the right places. The warm bouncing bassline is the gem-studded undercurrent of this little number, making head bobbing unavoidable. Add in a catchy MC hook and you’re got the recipe for a happy floor. Looking forward to hearing what the future brings for the boys.

June Miller

'Ups and Downs'

Ram Records

With their hands at the grindstone June Miller have been quietly preparing to invade our headspace with an electric array of sonic weaponry, starting with this album herald ‘Ups and Downs’. Opening the EP is the title track which begins with a sentimental female vocal before switching into a steppy, unassuming little stomper. Decorated with white noise, glitches droplets and echoes, this track falls between the realms of beauty and beast.