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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 578

Phace & Signal


NËU Music

For the second release on Phace & Misanthrop’s new imprint NËU Music, the ethos remains clear; quality beats on a tight turn around. This time we see boss man Phace teaming up with young prodigy Signal, and trust us when we tell you the result is fire. From the get go you know this track is gonna go off, building with layers of glitchy, grinding metallics and energy inducing beeps, before unleashing its fat, pulsing low-end.



Souped Up

"I think this will be the biggest track yet on my label, and is probably the most catchy bassline I've ever come up with. Always has the ravers singing along!"

Enei & Kasra


Critical Music

Sometimes you get that tune that will kill any dance. Sub-genre arguments are instantly shunted as the drop hits the floor. This is one of those tunes, as label boss Kasra combines forces with Russian master Enei to almighty effect. A short, moody soundscape grabs your attention before the devastating low-end steals the show. Dark and dirty rumbles pair with a nasty, grinding push, resulting in a screwface inducing beast. Filled with the scratchy tech sounds you’d expect from this pair, we implore you not to sleep on this one.



Terabyte Records

Formally known as Zach Herer, Marsden has been a part of Terabyte’s history since day dot. Here he delivers something a little different to what we’d expect from the usually techy imprint, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The intro and breakdown mix euphoric, sci-fi synths with hundreds of calming bird calls, and melancholy piano chords work with the deep and radiating low-end. It's uplifting, and the occasional twinkle and shimmer make it even more dreamy.


'Blood Drops '


The way Detboi seamlessly blends elements of sub genres, and also juxtaposes emotions in his tracks, makes him one of our go-to producers right now. 'Blood Drops' has a liquid undercurrent of calming pads and melancholy piano strikes, made rigid with crisp jungle drums and peppered with metallic clangs. What makes this track special, however, is the low rumbling sub, which simmers menacingly beneath before occasionally rearing into a deep, hearty growl.

Current Value ft DR & Lock Jaw

'Dead Communication'

Invisible Records

Current Value’s highly anticipated LP 'Deadly Toys' has just dropped on Noisia’s imprint Invisible Recordings, and this beauty is one of the lead singles. The track is created by merging two very different worlds: a floating ethereal vocal, nestling into a bed of soft sci-fi pads, is partnered with a harsh, forward moving chug of laser-like gunshots. Lulling, angelic vocals draw you towards a war-torn low-end which continuously thunders and rumbles at an almost halftime pace, before unexpectedly speeding up and bringing the energy.

Monrroe ft Emily Makis

'In My Head'


If you don’t already, now is the time to get to know Monrroe. Relatively new to the scene, his stunning production — which mixes enthralling vocals, delicate pads and deep energy emitting subs — are earning him stripes all over. ‘In My Head’ is by-the-book liquid executed perfectly, with fresh rolling Amens, a heavenly, emotive vocal and floating synths wrapped around a warm, almost omnipresent low-end. Flickers of distorted, techy squelches keep the track from becoming too sickly sweet.

The Vanguard Project


Future Retro Records

Future Retro Records is back after a seven-year hiatus, and kicking off its return is a gem from The Vanguard Project. The title track is the highlight of the release, coaxing you into a false sense of calm with a soft rolling Amen break, slow, delicate beeps and gentle warping pads, before a female vocal adds anticipation. Then comes the glorious, oscillating sub, which is both raw and rugged but radiates a glowing warmth.

Submophics ft Satl & T.R.A.C


The North Quarter

This track is a beautiful marriage of soul searching liquid funk and smooth, conscious hip-hop. With its deep, warm sub and T.R.A.C’s effortlessly cool ad-libs, the intro is reminiscent of Calibre and Fats' classic ‘Drop It Down’. At this track's core are rolling Amens, filled out with dreamy, mesmerising pads and touches of '80s groove, and being MC led, the continuous flow sets the track apart from a typical roller.