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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 579



Critical Music

T>I is an act we associate with the dirtiest dancefloors, while Critical Music is an imprint we associate with the darkest tech. Seeing these names together in the inbox made us pay immediate attention. 'Rotations' combines hard energy and sexy, standout vocals reminiscent of the mighty Hazard, blotted out, rumbling sub and perfectly executed use of space to almighty effect. Pair that 360 infusion with infectiously quick rolling beats, and you’ve got yourselves an absolute banger.


'48k Sound Boy'

Souped Up

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we are beginning to see the party oriented jump up sound gaining respect from other areas of the d&b universe. Serum’s Souped Up imprint is integral to the cause. Its sixth shiny release comes courtesy of the boss man’s King Of The Rollers group mate Bladerunner. '48k Sound Boy' has a selection of acidic telephone bleeps, cascading Amens and an understated oscillating rumble of bass, all tied together with a filthily distorted synth pattern.

Deuce & Charger

'Avalanche '

Mayan Audio

We’ve been following these guys for a while, watching them transition from a bubblegum bass trio to a duo (vocalist Becky and producer Pete) who are beginning to explore the darker depths of d&b. 'Avalanche' consists of an angelic, sing-a-long style vocal along with some hands-in-the-air synths, which keep the guys firmly in the regions of their signature crossover vibe — however, the distorted, oscillating bass and crashing drums bring a needed touch of neuro.


'Black Cherry'

Influence Records

Cast your mind back to the dreamy depths of 2010, where the Autonomic sound was ruling the roost at the deeper end of the spectrum. Atom’s ‘Black Cherry’ did the rounds on the floor, but has never been released until now. Its slow syncopated beat creates a sensual backdrop, while the pensive pads soar gloriously above a brooding omnipresent sub. The atmosphere is lightened by occasional glimmers of barely there ethereal vocal. If you missed it the first time, get ready to fall for this stunning track.

Mohican Sun

'Don't Wait '

Integral Records

So we may no longer be spending hours trawling through forums desperate for some clue to decipher who Mohican Sun is/are. Does it really even matter? What does is the exquisite music they continually put out, and this release is no different. There are few other words to describe 'Don't Wait' than simply stunning. The track rests on a classic 'Think' break, and brings a beautiful groove while the vocal glides gently in time with minor piano chords, creating emotion so intense you can almost physically feel the pain.


'Flicker Of Light'

Holographic Audio

For us, Tyke is one of the most exciting artists to hit the jump up scene in recent years. With its rolling, snare laden backbone, fat and simple bassline, video game-style laser effects and vox clips ripped from the cinema of yesteryear, ‘Flicker Of Light’ flashes all the calling cards of jump up. But there’s something about Tyke’s slow style that takes away the party edges and makes it that little bit more sinister.

L-Sides ft MC Fats

'High Times'

V Recordings

From the instant 'High Times' drops, you feel your mind being transported down a nostalgic track to a well loved soul warming place. As the captivating breakbeat continues, you gently drift down a path of liquid pads to the unmistakably sweet sound of MC Fats — before you’re hit by an unexpected wall of dark, pulsating bass and distorted punches, decorated with Fats dropping some patois-tinged commands for the “girls to wiggle dem behind”. And when they hear this track we’re sure they will, and the boys too!


'Untitled Pattern 52'


Bop is really doing it for us right now — he has an undeniable aptitude for creating sublime ambient soundscapes for your mind to solitarily wander until it loses itself in its own corner of nirvana. He is responsible for the birth of what has been called the ‘microfunk movement’. 'Untitled Pattern 52' is a gorgeous fusion of lulling liquid d&b, with a gloriously warm, glowing sub at its underbelly, and steppy ambient techno with a trance inducing repetitiveness.