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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 580



1985 Music

Be it in the corner of a grotty smoking area, or trawling though the minefields of dnbforum, you will have noticed that both Monty and 1985 come up in conversation. They're hot topics right now and it’s really not hard to understand why. This track is rough, raw and sexy in equal measures: at its heart is a sensually pulsating sub with a distorted dirty edge, with tiny tingles of clinking metallics and a soft enticing vocal.

Cooh X L 33


Othercide Records

Two of Bulgaria’s finest join forces to bring us a monstrous slab of dystopian neuro, continuing to keep the bar high for the output of Othercide Records. 'Broken' begins with an eerie, cinematic intro fully laden with hydraulic movements and sci-fi sounds, before an energetic crescendo reveals the deadly drop. The relentlessly pounding sub pushes through an onslaught of twisting metallic noises and suffocating risers, like a future sonic warrior defending a glitch infected world.


'Chicken In A Space Suit'

Hospital Records

We may not be able to get our hands on his brain blowing ‘If We Ever Bootleg’, but this 'fowl' number is a worthy compensation. From the offset, the catchy, steppy beat has your head bopping; layers of mutated future sounds are added, before the drop reveals that sub. The low-end is the star: continuous, weighty, bouncy and fun, yet deliciously dirty, it’s going to kill any dance. Tiny suggestions of uneasy, high pitched interference and sci-fi sounds take this track to the next level.


'How Will I Know'

Shogun Audio

Shogun Audio has always been one for the 360, so it’s no surprise to see this eclectic EP from hot young producer Signal on the imprint. For us, ‘How Will I Know’ is the standout, with its high and haunting vocal reminiscent of a siren’s song drawing you willingly into the deeper, darker layers of the track. Under the steppy drums lays an almost omnipresent, deadly distorted sub, with the body of the track adorned in broken future flecks and a mysterious muffled shroud.


'Lock Off'

Med School

It’s hard to fathom how such a young producer has soaked up so many musical influences, his original sound falling somewhere between the muddled realms of jungle, d&b and grime. 'Lock Off' comprises cascades of crashing jungle breaks with a gully, twisting low-end, bringing a hard and fast party vibe with a subtle hint of dank. As the drum patterns change, we’re introduced to layers of synth designed with a simplicity reminiscent of the days of early 8-bar grime.

Joy Divison

'Love Will Tear Us Apart (John B Remix)'

Beta Recordings

It’s not often that post-punk gets the remix treatment in d&b, but who better to rise to the challenge than John B? This is a Marmite track for sure, and it’s definitely not made for the floor. Keeping its iconic guitar riff and Ian Curtis’s poignant vocal, it has a particularly indie vibe. John B’s addition of soaring pads, crystallite shimmers and a computer game styled, fast forward moving beat brings an odd element of bubblegum psychedelia.

Ego Trippin

'Mind Bender'

Low Down Deep

There’s no doubting that the dirtiest jump-up is the most cyclical and formulaic segment of our beloved genre, and it’s for this reason it can become repetitive. But some artists just know how to get it right. And boy! Ego Trippin gets it! Can I get a reload? Classic action breaks sit with an understated but almighty sub, which follows the path of the slow melodic synths and breaks of funky old school hip-hop.




This blissfully calm track nestles neatly between the realms of halftime d&b and new-age dubstep. The soft, oscillating synth flows peacefully under a slow, bouncing sub, and the addition of samples commonly heard in faster, harder tracks gives this beauty a compelling edge.