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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 588


Waiting 4

Obsolete Medium

Not so many moons ago, where salty waves lapped at thousands of pebbles (Brighton fyi), the mighty Shogun reigned. Its roster boasted Alix Perez, SpectraSoul and Icicle, but all have since flown the nest with their own labels. Rockwell is the last of the legendary crew to go it alone, and we’re excited to see what’s in store for Obsolete Medium. ‘Waiting 4’ nods to the past with crisp liquid drums and soulful, mutated vocals, while keeping that tech infused, future grime vibe which has always set him apart from the crowd.

M-soul & S27


Vandal Records

Lord of rave, have mercy on my ringing eardrums and scrunched up bass face! This one cannot be missed. With a simple, slow stepping beat and moody atmospherics, we know we’re in for something dark, but boy, we weren't prepared for that drop. The sub is so deep and all encapsulating, it’s almost seductive. Moving like a blacked out bubble in a sonic lava lamp, this bass is alive. The entire EP is unbelievably good. Don’t sleep on this one.


'Echo Vibes'


The Playaz legend continues to deliver floor destroyers that will tear the dance apart on impact. Radiating the classic Playaz sound with every shuffling drum and warping laser, 'Echo Vibe' brings us the filth with the squelching sound of modern jump up. The one to watch on this EP has got to be 'Magnetic', though.

Prophecy & B-Complex

'Encapsulation '

Bad Taste Recordings

Beginning life as a series of eerily quiet string plucks, like the unbearable build up to the climax in a horror film, we just know something deadly is about to smack us silly. And then it hits us. This. Is. Loud. An exhilarating onslaught of twitches, glitches, twists and metallic noises turns into an all-out, electronic ear assault. This is dark and dangerous neuro at its gnarliest, with hard hitting, punching drums filled with layers of distortion.

Dossa & Locuzzed


Viper Recordings

Over the past two years, this Austrian duo have been steadily rising in the ranks, with a series of solid tracks exclusively released on Futurebound’s mighty Viper Recordings. This is a fun and fast-paced number, that for us very much sums up the sounds of now. It has an air of the broken and bitty micro-funk vibe, named and championed by man of the minute BOP. But contrary to this sound, there's great energy, with repeating risers, undercover twists and nods to '80s funk.


'Let You Down '

Spearhead Records

Over here we are such huge fans of Redeyes his skill for blending all the beautiful and best bits of liquid drum and bass, soothing soul and laid back hip hop his track never fails to transport your spirit to a the most tranquil of sonic plains. The body ‘Let You Down’ sits on a bed of rolling breaks and is built a, gloriously warm and alluringly deep oscillating bassline, with simple and uncrowded piano chords. Top off with a salty vocal hook…absolute bliss.

Deuce & Charger

'Natural High'

Subsphere Records

Over the years we’ve followed this duo's journey, watching them develop their skill, style and swag. Two of the warmest humans to reside in our scene, Redeyes have recently been blessed with a personal natural high, which we don’t doubt inspired this euphoria inducing track. Soft piano and ethereal pads lay a path for the beautifully heartfelt vocals, and the body of the track is built around a warm bassline and soaring synths, while still holding a touch of bubble gum positivity.


'Underloved feat Cecil'

Warner Music

ShockOne brings us a hands-in-the-air, singalong crossover track — Radio One, listen up. Despite a very apparent stench of cheddar, the heart of this track is authentically dark, while the vocal is strong and creates an amazing hook. We’re excited to hear some of the no doubt beastly remixes that will undoubtedly appear, as well as the brand-new album, due out in the new year.


'Yesterday Lanes feat Killup'


ProgRAM always comes with the quality stuff. Not limiting itself to any sub genres, it seems the only criteria for this label is good music. This release from newcomer Zeal spans the spectrum — there’s a subtle darkness to 'Yesterday Lanes', which starts with minor piano chords before it's filled with crisp rolling drums, haunting vocal samples and choral synths. Deep, soulful and soothing, just the way we like it.