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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 590

Excpt & Sinic

Kernal Panic

MethLab Recordings

With sounds and synths that conjure images of morphing lines of light and twisting cascades of fizzing energy, this track very much fits the rolling narrative of MethLab releases, summoning dystopian, tech-ruled futures laced with hallucinogenic vibes. A glitching, disturbed undertone lays a subtle layer of malice to this track, with the brooding, near-omnipresent and wickedly low sub heightening that sense. The track is lightened with gorgeous snatches of pitched up and harmonised vocal: epic release.


'Alien Forces '

Get Hype Records

Big, bad and banging, certainly not one for a Sunday morning, this brutally loud and devastatingly aggressive track is an absolute stomper. 'Alien Forces' is a neuro beast that's sure to blow the cobwebs from any pair of raving boots, with a full range of metallic risers and grinding mechanicals. It's packed with future sci-fi sonics and has a forward moving, stepping beat. And if you’re not really into the sound, you should check out the label for the amazing artwork that adorns each release.

Dawn Wall

'Devil's Night '

Integral Records

The sun sets every single day. We know it’s going to happen. But does the expectancy make this breathtaking display of colour any less spectacular? No, it certainly does not. Sticking with the Dawn Wall formula that we know and love, we’re coaxed to bask in the glow of sparkling pianos, cascading drums, an emotive vocal and deep, soothing mellow subs. Something a little different from the elusive music maker? Check out ‘Emblem Of The Sun’: slightly darker, still as delicious.


'Dubplate Solider '

Elevate Records

Elevate is making sure we know what it's about this year, kicking things off with a collection of loud and gritty stompers, including this beast from Kanine. Seasoned jump up heads will have been aware of his talents for a hot minute, but mark our words, 2019 will be the year that the rest of the scene takes notice. A simple stepping drum pattern will have you head nodding, but the real power here comes from its disgustingly dark low-end, with its thick, mangled and distorted vibe.

The Caracal Project

'Go Get Some '

NËU Music

Sure to shake your eardrums, this one is weird and wonky in the most wonderful way. Starting like a funky jazz jig played on a kid's toy electric organ, the sound has all the swag of a wavy underwater, cigar-smoking villain, straight out of Sharky And George (google that shiz if you don’t know, you will thank us). The drop reveals a head bobbing, shoulder shuffling drum pattern which switches into mis-synced half-time, with flickers of tech and deep bubbles of bass. Impressively different.


'Love & Happiness (Ly Da Buddah Remix)'

Urban Wildlife

While the summer sun still shone in 2018, we had the listening pleasure of Dushi’s lush liquid lick, and this year, the track's been remixed by three very different producers. Our pick is this simple snap of jump up, which keeps the original vocal and the occasional techy waves, but adds an “ain’t-broke-why-fix-it?”-style drum break and a harmony that comes from a mixture of fat, distorted bass, and ear-piercing, mangled highs.

Jonny Holt

'Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)'

Hospital Records

Hospital has released its annual ‘Sick Music’ LP, and as part of this round up, we get the tune of last summer, produced by the man of the moment. You’d have to be an actual lump of Plasticine (or maybe a human that just isn’t really into d&b) not to be aware of Benny L and his mammoth remix of ‘Police In Helicopter’. It stays true to the original reggae vibe, but is pepped up with hard hitting, pneumatic shots of pure fire.

Sonar's Ghost

'The Ride'

Dope Plates

The man of many names and many more years' experience is back with something steeped in nostalgic influences from the ghost of jungle past. Flutes, horns, and tinkling piano keys slowly beckon you into the depths of this track like an oh-so-familiar, strangely sinister and artistically experimental siren’s call. The drop reveals a weighty sub and cascades of breaks, and the drums continually switch, pulling all attention back to the key elements of the genre.


'You Got Me (feat Alex Harley)'

Shogun Audio

With a deep, rumbling low-end, crisp, tumbling drums and glowing liquid pads, this truly is a belting little beauty from Monrroe. Alexa Harley’s vocal is a beguiling mix of soft tones and folksy richness: deeply beautiful. One for the sing-along crew.