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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 594



Peer Pressure International

Whoever thought Christina Aguilera could sound this good? Forget about genies, bottle the essence of this track and we’ll take a lifetime supply, please and thank you. For us, '1999' is the perfect balance of classic sounding percussion rooted in jungle, with a layer of misty melancholy and low, rumbling, heart-shaking sub. Notes of glowing spirituality echo through the background, bringing a sense of relief to an otherwise dark and encroaching tune. Don’t sleep on this eclectic gem of an EP, which stretches from jungle to tech. Pure magic.


'Angels Calling feat Matt Freeman'

Context Audio

A beautifully warm sub lays the foundation for this lulling liquid shot, built up with quick, shuffling drums and soft, melancholy piano strikes. Personal and emotive lyrics, provided by Matt Freeman, are punctuated by a soulful female vocal.


'Come Together feat Tyson Kelly '

Hospital Records

One of our favourite tracks of recent times sees the light of day. This huge remix of The Beatles' ‘Come Together’ keeps all the original funk and flair, and throws a whole load of weight into the mix.


'Displacement '

Anticlockwise Music

This is a floor destroyer of the highest level, we’re talking damage level 1000, maximum XP tings. Its intro is dark, dystopian, sci-fi and cinematic — 'Displacement' takes hold of you from the get-go and really commands your full attention. Starting off slow and moody, there’s a quick onset of fast, jittery beats. They're unavoidably all-consuming, with violent, scratchy chops that really do it for us. If you like 'em dark and dirty, give this a go.

Dossa & Locuzzed

'Get Nasty'

Viper Recordings

Strings begin plucking with a funky flair that partners with smooth piano strikes, giving a real feeling of organic musicality to the base of 'Get Nasty'. There's a layer of clean, simple drums, which feel light and open. There’s a hard pause before the drop, which ensures we wait with bated breath to find its direction. Twisted, low subs are revealed, filling all the space with bass-face dirtiness without being overpoweringly loud, or killing the track's jazzy vibe.


'Lift Up'


Breakage is one of our scene's unquestioned talents — a man that is so often missed off smoking area top 10s because his impact is so great, his ratings are automatically assumed. Up next on his own imprint, Index, he reminds us why he’s the ultimate don dada of rollers. Deep, mellow and repetitive, this track could almost be meditative if it didn’t keep you on your toes with a signature ounce of grit.


'Rise And Boast '

Asbo Records

We always keep our ears out for Asbo — a label with a real roots culture, authentic to the core in both style and etiquette. Just in time for the warmer months, the imprint blesses us with another cut from its unreleased dub archive. It’s a soft, stepping, tropical love song perfect for pulling up your partner and windin’ in a dance. The drop brings us classic jungle flavours with a light vibe, not your average sounding track. We like it!

Fred V

'Storm feat Rothwell '

Hospital Records

So here we have it, Fred V’s first solo release. Of course, its home had to be Hospital. It’s a cute, easy listening sing-a-long track, not one for the darker heads, but then you knew that already, right? 'Storm' sees stunningly smooth vocals from Rothwell paired with organic guitars, rising chords and bright, wide synths. The initial feeling is perfectly pretty pop, but the drop reveals layers of jumpy, pulsating distortion and a touch of jazzy, clicky micro funk, a la labelmate Bop.