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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 597


Kaos Reigns


We always feel like D*Minds doesn’t get enough credit for the chaos they cause to the dance, after all, we must forget they co-created the immortal beast that is ‘Mr Happy’. If you’ve been about for a wee while you will no doubt recognise the patterns of this track, which pays huge homage to the classic ‘Ho Bass’ but beneath the surface there’s a brooding aggression which dulls the dance floor humour of the sounds making it fit into the modern scene, and todays penchant for blending jump-up with darker, more techy sub genres. Big.


'Cannot Escape Your Love feat Lucy Grimble'

Spearhead Records

We can always count on BCee to bring us to our happy place and, before the dust has settled on his ‘Shouting About Nothing' album, we’re straight into a summer sizzler. Quick, shuffling drums dance with an uplifting, classic M1 organ sound, and an unassuming bassline brings a gentle warmth. Lucy Grimble’s vocals are soft and emotive, and perfect for the sing-a-long crew. Expect to hear this one during sunset sessions this festival season.


'Fajita '

Different Music

After taking a three-year hiatus from solo releases on the imprint, label boss Dexta brings some serious sizzling sauciness to the table. Starting sparingly, the drum work creates a cool, barely-there flavour. The track's meatiness comes from the grimy, warbling low-end, which completely dominates the palette. As the track continues, the beat quickens, and kooky sounding lasers pop through the background. This one's a heater.


'Give Nothing ft Becca Jane Grey '

Rebel Music

There’s a dark and dreaming atmosphere which prevails over this techy, liquid roller from London based trio Kolectiv. It’s warm omnipresent sub which slides beautifully between pitches and layers of understated fizzing glitches. There’s a smouldering smoothness to the melody which is accented by the majestic hint of Eastern horns, while Becca Jane Grey’s vocal is smokey and subtle and adds a gorgeous grab for the sing a long crew.

Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon

'Moon In Your Eyes '

V Recordings

It’s finally here! We’ve all heard it, we all want it: 'Moon In Your Eyes' has got to be one of the most sought-after dubs of the last two years. That huge, weighty burst of bass is enough to shatter even the strongest of rib cages, giving easy access for the sultry vocal to melt your heart. Taken from a very special album to mark the label's 25th birthday, this is an undisputed future classic with all the haunting hallmarks of timelessness.

Killer Hurtz

'More feat Raphella '

Elevate Records

We always rate a label that remembers drum & bass was made for the dancefloor, and doesn’t get caught up in the need to be taken too seriously. This is not a track for the chin strokers, this is hands-in-the-air summer fun at its very best. The modern micro-funk feel brings jumpy energy, the early rave piano chord progression and euphoric risers bring uplifting vibes, and Raphella’s unique tone is always a winner in our books.

Phace & Noisia

'Non Responsive '


Neosignal clearly means business. Right in the thick of its 10-year anniversary celebrations, and after the success of Neosignal X, the imprint continues on with its second release from the new LINKED series. Here, we see label owner Phace collaborate with long-time friends and gods of the scene Noisia. The result is hard, techy and industrial, infused with a funky groove which plays against the aggressive feel of the track. We’re especially feeling the attention-grabbing bleeps.

DJ Marky

'Should I '


The Brazilian badman does it again, with a stunning sunset soundscape which has been on repeat in this office for long enough to be classed as an obsession. The track radiates Latin American sunshine from the very first beat: the intro is a subtle samba with a welcome corniness which we attribute to the coolest elevator music ever. We’re soon dropped into banger territory, with a melodic sub, tell-tale Brazilian wobble and a soul soothing vocal. It’s a classic in the making.