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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 598

Skeptical, Safire & Morph ft DRS

With You

Plasma Audio

The type of track that has you raising gun fingers and addressing an empty room with appreciation — and repeatedly rewinding at the drop to that audience of one. Atmospheric at its heart with a soundscape carved from an alluring mix of sci-fi and spirituality, while the low-end is unquestionably dark, there’s a soul-soothing warmth to it too. Along with the heartbeat-like, throbbing quality of the drums, this creates an almost meditative state. It’s almost needless to mention that DRS’s instantly recognisable vocals are on-point as always. While you're there, you’ve got to check out the laid-back, jazzy flip from Safire & Zed Bias.


'Inside The Ride'


’Inside The Ride’ has long been guarded under lock and key as part of Taxman’s private dubplate collection — that is, until now. Layers of perfect jungle breaks, an old school MC sample and a zany ascending melody bring a rootsy vibe, while subtle background atmospherics add a real dark, paranoid edge. This is one to dirty up the dance in the way that only a Playaz release can. (Side note — Playaz, please start a new residency, it’s needed.)

Critical Impact

'Pretty Girl feat Furness & Youngman '


With the calibre of its Bristol-based events setting the bar, it’s really no surprise that Run is dropping banger after consecutive banger: this imprint is destined for big things. ‘Pretty Girl’ is the next track to be drip-fed from Critical Impact’s forthcoming LP, and is a stripped-back, prowling slab of sexiness that has got us salivating. Smooth, slow and barely there, this track epitomises effortless swag and, with its low growling sub and pillow talk vocals, we’re sure to see some winding and grinding in the dance.


'Seen Savage '

Ram Records

We love it when Ram go back to their roots. Seemingly coming from nowhere, straight to the scenes biggest label, this duo’s limited online presence means here, the music is King and our judgements can be undiluted by social media smoke and mirrors. The sound is reminiscent of early Chase & Status with torrents of crashing drums, but with the weighty screw-face inducing subs we’ve got a real injection of the delightfully dirty modernism which is disgustingly dominating dance floors right now.

Kimyan Law

'Understory feat. Elyn '

Blu Mar Ten

If your path has yet to lead you down Law’s lane, do yourself a favour and take an immediate detour: each and every track he touches has a deep rarity, which all music lovers cannot help but find alluring. 'Understory' is a beautiful track with a quick, clicking layer of bubbling pops and music box notes; paired with the haunting vocal, there’s a calming childlike innocence. But then it switches in drum patterns, with minor piano chords and a sinister inward reaching pull is created.



Hospital Records

At first listen, we gleefully checked the boxes: soulful vocal, check; plucky uplifting melody, check; gloriously upbeat, unquestionable Hospital sound, check, check, check. But long after the last tumbling drums had fallen silent, and our day continued, we could hear this beauty in our heads, repeatedly, each time causing a rush of unadulterated joy. A wonderful track to lift your spirits and douse your soul in sunshine as we enter the grey seasons.

Deuce & Charger

'We Are Made Of Light'

Lost Together Music

We’ve long supported the London singer and producer duo, and have enjoyed watching the depth of their sound expand throughout their career. This is the first track to be released on their own label, with a bold and unmoving statement to any chin scratchers… their vibe is very much pitched in the happy-clappy, melodic, crossover point in the spectrum, and that’s where it’s staying. Poppy synth melodics, hands-in-the-air vocals and euphoric nods aplenty.