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Singles - Electro Progressive - Issue 563

No Mana

Nostalgia Drive


As much as he might revel in divisive behavior, Deadmau5 gives airtime to some exceptional young producers via his mau5trap label, and the lead record from its recent 'Game Over EP' is one of the best, most exciting big-room offerings we’ve heard all year. Opening on a low drone that gradually expands into a monumental breakdown, the drop of ‘Nostalgia Drive’ welcomes in a brittle, noisy hook that locks into an equally razor-sharp groove for prodigious dancefloor impact. Alongside some particularly good sound design, No Mana wisely avoids the bigroom clichés in favor of a tougher, noisier approach that has deservedly turned heads.

Daun Giventi


Enhanced Progressive

More rock-solid big-room stylings from the Enhanced camp as Daun Giventi unleashes a steely industrial-strength bassline that he wields with little mercy, before the thunder gives away to a more traditional trance breakdown. Sticking to the electro/progressive formula doesn’t stop this from being a proper peak-time weapon.



Life & Death

Parisian studio stalwart Joakim make his debut on Life & Death, and he’s selected a record that matches the label’s sonic ethos completely. ‘Daemon’ is beautiful meeting of abrasive noise and ethereal melodies, keeping things restrained for several minutes as he introduces the harsher electro elements, before finally welcoming in its seductive warm shimmers.

Andrew Bayer

'From The Past'


Bayer is such a pro in the studio that he’s become the unofficial fourth member of Above & Beyond, and he channels this precision to elevate this stadium-friendly progressive trance well above your average Beatport fare. Refined industrial noise cuts through the intro with the strength of a rusty knife, before its trance harmonies glisten like an ethereal rainbow. Bayer deploys his buzz-saw bassline with such precision that it’s impossible not to be impressed, although he accomplishes its transmutation into peak-time trance shenanigans with just as much ease.


'Pursuit of the Orange Butterfly EP'


The microCastle stable demonstrates again its dedication to premium quality with its latest EP, featuring three tracks of divine, deep and extremely melodic techno. Cornucopia shows a talent across the EP for fashioning gritty techno soundscapes, and then weaving them seamlessly into his harmonies, which blossom from subtle flourishes into extravagant sweeps of emotion.

Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor

'Reflection '


Steady studio hand Jerome Isma-Ae has a new production buddy in the form of Alastor, and their latest collaboration stands tall alongside the other big-room offerings featured this month. Dripping with dark menace, the duo really draw out a particularly dramatic breakdown before a deep blast of synthy bass offers it an extra powerful kick after the drop. It’s dark sonic stylings peppered amongst the big chords that gives ‘Reflection’ its edge.

Sander van Doorn & Fred Pellichero

'The Snake 2016'


Doorn returns to tech-trance well with a particularly effective rework of the Fred Pellichero sleeper classic from a decade ago. It’s so successful in straddling the sometimes irreconcilable techno and trance divide that it’s being played by everyone from Adam Beyer to Tiësto; the kind of crossover that’s so rare it should be filed in the 'inexplicable' category. It’s the searing, industrial strength of its central hook that makes it such a versatile destroyer.


'Track 10'


A secret weapon placed in the hands of a select few DJs dignitaries like Pete Tong, who proceeded to hype it as the anthem of the summer, ‘Track 10’ ultimately never made it to Beatport due to its sample being declined for clearance. So count yourself lucky if you’ve stumbled across its vintage progressive thrills, with Sasha tapping directly into the dizzy enigma of his early 'Renaissance' mixes in a fashion we haven’t heard for a very long time.