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Singles - Electro Progressive - Issue 574


Price Of Love


Anjuna luminary Grum shows that a dose of nostalgia mixed in with a dash of euphoria can go a long way. In the case of ‘Price of Love’, it delivers spine-tingling results. While it’s somewhat inspired by the New Order '90s classic, Grum wields the original vocal more as an element in his arrangements — as opposed to actually remixing the track — using its iconic chorus as a launchpad into swirling progressive euphoria. While it’s a predictable dancefloor weapon to a degree, it’s guaranteed to bring the fire for a wide spectrum of DJs.


'1+1 feat. Thomas Gandey (Gerd Janson Arp Mix) '


Suara boss Coyu is about to unveil his debut album and '1+1' is its first offering, nine-plus minutes of irresistible minimalist grooves that meld artfully with its simple piano melody. Gerd Janson draws upon all this with his remix, while successfully taking it up a notch with some extra added moody synths, powered rhythmic elements, plus a few particularly decadent melodies.


'Alien Technology'


One of those rare particularly weird and groovy numbers that’s built for the EDM mainstage, ‘Alien Technology’ is one also of the most tech-influenced records that Oliver Heldens has delivered to date under his HI-LO alias. A bizarre and wonderful fusion of EDM and techno.

Steve Angello

'Breaking Kind feat. Paul Meany'

Size Records

Following on from his sprawling 'Wild Youth' album experiment from last year, Angello unveils the starting point for another conceptual project. ‘Breaking Kind’ is indie/electro crossover built for the slower dancefloor moments, though it’s also a cut above the norm when it comes to songwriting, featuring less of the populist compromises his former Mafia brethren specialize in.

Paul Thomas & White-Akre



Egyptian euphoric stalwarts Aly & Fila show they’re not all rainbows and unicorns with their new FSOE UV offshoot label. ‘Goliath’ is progressive trance of the highest order, its menacing build accelerating smoothly into the chorus melodies that are tactfully largely kept on a leash, the vibes underscored by a menacing vocal loop. Dark, nasty and euphoric, all in the same breath.

Third Party, Pete K & Cory Lesser

'Like This (Club Mix)'

Free Release

‘Like This’ is one of those rare crowd-pleasing house slammers that gets it just right, laying the groundwork with a familiar vocal sample (courteous of Run DMC this time around), which the trio of producers then capitalize on perfectly with their pumping execution. Peak-time fun with a dark edge, the thundering electro bassline at the drop is prepped for mayhem.


'Porcelain (Timo Maas & James Teej's Broken China Dub)'

Rockets & Ponies

One of the peak-time weapons that slipped out over summer and might have been slept on by some. Timo Maas and James Teej deliver what’s both an explosive ode to the release of the dancefloor, as well as a masterclass in restraint. The way in which the duo holds back on unleashing the full sparkle of the original ‘Porcelain’ piano twinkle until a breakdown eight minutes in is pure genius.


'Theater II'


Recondite’s recent EP on Dystopian is a hypnotic collection of deep, dark excellence that is enough of a journey to be considered a mini album in itself, though it’s the title track ‘Theater II’ that hosts its biggest thrills, its brooding drive elevated by the arrival of a pointed string sample at its first break several minutes in. Menace, exhilaration and emotion are fused together masterfully.