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Singles - Electro Progressive - Issue 530


'Azure Protocol '

Arcade Pony Records

DPPLGNGRS change gear and label with this, their fourth 'Moneyshot' and their first release on Arcade Pony. Now that every chancer from Hardstyle cheese merchants to inspirationless 'House legends' have laid claim to EDM and laid bare its Heavy Metal level of subtlety, 'ecelectro' is the buzzword for 2014. And what better example of a new vision could you have than the subtle blend of garage, techno and electro that is 'Azure Protocol' and 'Billion Dollar Brain'?

Danton Eeprom

'Biscotto & Chimpanzee'


Featuring a duet with Kitsuné's Birkii this is a little genre defying gem that isn't dancefloor material in its original form but certainly should be on radiowaves all over the place. It's the kind of smart and well executed stuff that should be the 'pop' face of dance music. Fairmont (of Border Community and My Favorite Robot production fame) brings an almost Death In Vegas feel to proceedings with his remix, which is a very good thing indeed.

Paul Blandford

'Darkforme EP'

Death Proof Recordings

'Minimal' doesn't really have small enough connotations to accurately describe the insistently sparse attack of 'Haunch'. The hypnotic bassline merges with the drum track to form a kind of soft wall of sound that grows harder the more it continues to play. Paul Blandford is the co-owner of the label and this is his first release under his own name, with his own sound. The result is some delicious dubby darkness.


'Just Call Me'

Vicious Bitch

Birdee has had quite a bit of exposure for his previous releases on Southern Fried, with Radio 1 airplay and support from the likes of Laidback Luke and Crookers. 'Just Call Me' is an accomplished bit of what is probably called 'electro house' by Beatport, but in fact the subtle blend of dirty basslines and funky grooves goes beyond that limiting term. It's the funk that is brought to the for in Fare Soldi's remix, which really kicks things into overdrive.

Wiggle Ratio

'Kick Out The Bins'


Who knows what the MC5 would have made of this squelchpunk Prodigyesque cover that has its tongue firmly in cheek? Weirdly, a little dancefloor humour can sometimes work wonders.

Years & Years

'Real EP'


When I used to see the Kitsuné mark on a release it was a reason to check it out with a high level of anticipation, but for quite a while now their output seems to have lost focus. "Real" sounds like some bad Brit-school attempt at the kind of pop-dance crossover drivel that takes up the majority of Radio One airtime. Part Coldplay, part 'the Voice', it isn't one to be remembered as a landmark release for the label.

M.U.I.R Feat. K-Hunt


Deaf By Records

Featuring K-Hunt on a strong vocal performance "Reflections" is the debut from M.U.I.R. on his own label. It's a latenighter rather than a party starter but nice and atmospheric.

Takeydo & Nick Wolanski

'Renegade Master'


Wildchild's 'Renegade Master' was a top twenty hit in the late Nineties and at the time was something of a genre-crossing ear-opener. Fatboy Slim did a great remix in his own inimitable style too and even today both versions still stand as great dancefloor tracks. Nick Wolanski & Takeydo really bring nothing new to the party and in fact leave quite a few good bits behind. Points awarded are for reminding me of the previous versions.


'Road Sines '


A brand new record label, KYUBU kicks off with this smart blend of tribal electro-tech that definitely qualifies for the 'eclectro' tag. Joshua Tobin and Jack Rutherford make up the duo and this is their own label, which aims to feature output from like minds alongside their own material. Barry Jamieson has touched up track by everyone from Sasha to Madonna, New Order and Depeche Mode and his stripped back more traditional dark housey version is a perfect flipside.


'She Weirds Me Out'

self released

Interesting noises on a Kraftwerkian groove with the result sounding a little like a dancified Spiritualised. Comes with a Dub that some more inventive DJs could put to good use.

Lewis Bergen

'The Jetyr EP'


A result of a collaboration between Brit Lewis Bergen and North American electronic producer Taperecorder, the tracks came about by the now-common international file sharing creative process. 'Hoi Polloi' comes in two flavours, the first Lewis' own version and being a really nice atmospheric outing that balances ambient noises with a hefty 'oomph' really well. The other tracks point to a good working relationship between the pair and are definitely worth checking out.

Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots

'Utopia (The I-Robots Reconstructions) '

Deeplay Digital

Giorgio Moroder had quite a year, with the Daft Punk link up and finally finding himself behind some DJ decks in his Seventies. Here's something from THE Seventies, worked up by Opilec Music boss I-Robots. The track was originally included in a partially mixed album in 1977 and here are newly extended versions. '1977 Reconstruction' is simply the original extended to almost 7 minutes, '2014 Tape Reconstruction' brings things up to date with beefier production.