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Singles - House - Issue 575



Through It All

Dirt Tech Reck

Following the spectacular 'Shango EP' from earlier in the summer, house music journeyman and former hip-hop don Waajeed, erstwhile of Platinum Pied Pipers fame, busts out more scorching vibrations via his Submerge-affiliated Dirt Tech Reck. 'Get Down' is thick with swirling electric keys and enveloping organs, while 'Through It All' is almost operatic, its grand pianos juxtaposed with a hollow, irresistibly funky bassline. On the flip, 'Kingdom' holds it down with hypnotic vocals and moody atmospherics. Proper, proper business.


'Air Sign EP'

Tru Thoughts

Whoever's handling the A&R over at Brighton’s Tru Thoughts label is absolutely pooling some unique people right about now. Kxngs new EP, 'Air Sign', doesn’t even know how to do a shade of their fabled ‘nu-jazz’ thing because it’s essentially just a collection of big and bolshy, tribal dubstep tunes that have a decided hankering for sampling Persian music. What you get are these tough, fascinating drum patterns, organic-sounding hooks and riffs and and selection of rather weighty synthesized b-lines.

Sam Binga & Rider Shafique

'Champion EP'

Critical Music

It’s long been known that Sam Binga’s a genial top-knotted chap who can turn his production hand to a lot of different styles; from breaks, to drum & bass, post-dubstep and beyond into purist digi-dancehall territory on his latest collaborative EP with Bristolian emcee Rider Shafique. What’s really lovely about the EP is how complete the commitment to the cause is. Everything is interwoven perfectly and from mood to mode, it has the requisite space and the most insistent of bounces.



Keysound Recordings

If we were to isolate just one moment from Sully’s second LP for Keysound — let’s say, the track ‘Assembly 2’ — it would certainly be possible to hypothesize a lot about his current position. But with this album you’d be selling yourself far too short to take such a blinkered view. Sure it’s superbly heavy and lurching and it’s kinda intentionally sparse, but elsewhere there’s ragga two-step, rollocking drum and bass and sweeping Vangelis-inspired mood pieces. Sully’s a master of styles.


'Ones EP'


A little distance might indeed be a man’s best friend; but my own failure at a prolonged abstention from social media meant that I kept seeing the ‘right people’ saying a lot of ‘good things’ about rAHHH’s debut for Gobstopper before I’d even heard the title track. And they’re all totally right, it’s an odd collection of lusciously melodic, playful tracks that do all the better for not fitting in with whatever weightless grime expectation one might have for Gobstopper.


'Pluto’s Beating Heart'

Ninja Tune

‘Aloha Ice Jam’ was the tits. And, yes, I’m grown enough to know you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) judge a producer’s music by a single isolated yardstick that is obviously a country mile away from what they’re doing now but, as much as I dig the percussive ticks and technoid rippling shuffle of this new O’Flynn 12” on Ninja Tune I can’t help but feel like his accent’s getting dialed down. Just don’t go full Donna Air on me, bro.


'Tail Lift/MPH'

Hessle Audio

Me and my buddy Dave once pooled some money together to make some ‘CLAP TRAP’ badges in the style of the RUN DMC logo; you know big, bold white print sandwiched between white lines? In was in a period of IRL trolling people because, well, a lot of time spent in an office can make you do things like that. Someone told me that when Joe saw the badges he just smiled. His new 12” is absolutely stunning and completely perfect.


'The Offering'

First Word Records

The are so many moments splattered all across Darkhouse Family’s album where the drumming is so awe-inspiring that you truly do get desensitised to the genius of the sticksman, Daf Davies. And it’s not like the lad’s showboating, it's just that his little flourishes embellish the live aspect of the instrumentation giving this new, looser, jazzier incarnation of the Darkhouse Family some serious chops. 'The Offering' takes them further into the realm of the acts they used to sample.



Hemlock Recordings

Hemlock’s recent operational surge has undoubtedly been welcomed by many people but frankly it’s always been an outlet for artists to postulate ideas and present their material in a now highly respected uniform jacket. For me Ploy’s three tracker peaks even before the drop on ‘Garys’, where those wurly laser panpipes started phasing and droning. That shit, in a club, with the right amount of water in me on a full stomach would mean another zenith in my anxiety levels.