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Singles - House - Issue 581


Private Messages


DK OK, aka DJ Ja and DJ Nein, drop some simmeringly demented house vibrations via Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Leipzig imprint Hundert. All harking back to some dim and distant rave, possibly on another planet, the Balearic Italo pianos flow like so much vodka limon, both on the brilliant 'Binary Touch' and 'Private Message'. They're serious head-turners. 'Moments In Code', winding things up, is like old school trance fused with skippy, New Jersey garage beats. It's a heady combination, and brilliantly original too. Bravo.

Ross From Friends

'Aphellion EP'


I do wonder what the percentage is of reviews Ross From Friends gets, where the writer just riffs on his name, saying things like, “If this TV-character-producer name trend is a thing now, then I’m gonna have to shotgun DJ Denholm Reynholm”. It must be in the high 70s, right? Still... ingenious moniker aside, the lad’s impressed FlyLo and signed to Brainfeeder with this masterfully executed four-track EP of slightly melancholic house, of which ‘John Cage’ is an undoubted highlight.

Filter Dread

'Beyond Saturn'


Honestly, there’s nothing like some fresh dread and no — you '90s lad, you — I’m not talking about a rush of regret after a particularly gnarly “sesh” with a bunch of people you only half know. I’m talking about new music from Filter Dread. 'Beyond Saturn' is an eight-track EP for the French label TV SHOWW that simply reinforces the regard I hold for his production, even though ‘Metal Caverns’ sounds like he’s forgotten to mute the Beat Repeat function in Ableton. Zing.

Glenn Astro & Hodini

'Blue Cheese'


I’ve been working off the assumption that every time he drops something serially badass, Glenn Astro would drop another 'n' on the end of his name for a while now, so I’m pretty stoked to share that Glennnnnnn’s ‘Blue Cheese’ is a collaboration with Hodini, which is taken from a similarly slanted and phenomenal full length album due later this year. It’s spacey enough to shimmer and it’s got these tough nut drums that pump away happily. It’s really really great.



Black Acre

To my ears it’s super obvious that Commodo has an unwavering passion for the golden era of DMZ dubstep — that same sense of open space (both creatively and figuratively) is evident in everything he does. The lad's knack for texture and his willingness to just go wherever his exploration takes him is prominent all over 'Dyrge', his new four-tracker for Black Acre: a low slung, bizarre and delightfully menacing EP that does soooo much with very little.

Kamaal Williams

'High Roller'

Black Focus

This is for anyone who can read the word ‘viiibe’ and understand that there’s actually an ‘oh’ sound in there somewhere that exists purely as a vehicle for emphasis, to properly decree the passion implied for the thing the word is describing. In other words ‘High Roller’ is an undisputed jam that's actually taken from an album of other undisputed jams that might well be the best thing I’ve heard so far in 2018. New South London’s own Weather Report.


'Interludes EP'

WotNot Music

On a hazy Thursday night in early spring time London, I feel safe enough in myself to say that this new broken beat bubble is the tits. It’s swung enough so I don’t feel like I’m enduring the same drum line on an endless loop, and people like this kid Danvers here are making beats like ‘Mason’, which feels like early 2562. And yes, I know early 2562 was inspired by broken beat the first time around. I also know what ouroboros is.

Lil Jabba



It’s a testament to Lil Jabba’s soundworld that he’s become kind-of impossible to pack up into one single neat little box. Elements of juke, Jersey club, two-step garage and weightless grime’s penchant for clouding everything it possibly can in the swell of a church-hall sized reverb collide on 'Mizo', Jabba’s six-track mini LP for GetMe! and, rather fantastically, it all makes a bruising kind of detuned sense. The fractured, creeping melodies and distorted kick-drums on ‘Wound’ are a highlight.


'Netz Room'

Never Ready

Spatial really goes ham with the blown-out kick-drums on the title track of his new EP 'Netz Room'; and I say that with heightened feeling as a recently converted vegetarian. What I’ve always dug about Spatial’s music is that it’s rather non conformist, but it does still 'fit'. One of his feet is in the tan Wallabee realm of sound art while the other is in a garish coloured Air Max at some squat rave in Manor House.